The Best Laundry Subscription Boxes for Cleaner and Greener Clothes

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While your current laundry loads may be a homogenous pile of sweats and pajamas — we know ours are — the need for detergent has unfortunately not diminished. During these stressful days, we're into anything that makes our lives just an ounce easier, which means we've been signing up for regular deliveries of essentials like laundry detergent.

It takes very minimal effort to have your pods dropped at your door, and we're all about it. Look to one of these five brands for subscription boxes full of laundry supplies, from pods and liquid detergent to dryer sheets and fabric conditioner, and consider yourself tasked with one less errand.

Best for Pods: Dropps

The original laundry detergent pod brand, Dropps is focused on creating cleaning products that are safe for people and the planet. The company is committed to sustainable practices like using plant-based ingredients in pods and packaging its parcels with recyclable and compostable cardboard. Pod varieties, which can be ordered in a subscription "wash plan," include sensitive skin, stain and odor, and small loads.

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Best for Customizable Scents: Frey

Frey wants to open your nose to the possibilities of laundry scents. Instead of the artificial "clean" smell of most detergents, the brand partnered with a leading fragrance house to offer a choice of elevated scents. The bolder option blends cedarwood, oakmoss, and amber essential oils, while the softer is a mix of sandalwood, bergamot, and clove. For subscription deliveries, you can build a custom package with your choice of laundry products like fabric conditioner and stain remover.

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Best for Delicate Fabrics: The Laundress

New York-based company The Laundress was founded by two fashionistas who were frustrated by the maintenance options for fine clothing. The duo believes that 90% of labels that read "dry clean only" are actually washable, so they created products that would properly treat nice clothes in the washing machine. Everything from the signature detergent to the delicate wash to the wool and cashmere shampoo can be ordered "auto-replenishment" style, which means you'll never be without your go-to cleaners.

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Best Eco-Friendly Option: Tru Earth

You've seen liquid and you've seen pods, but now we're going to introduce you to laundry strips. These eco-friendly detergent sheets pack ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic ingredients into a tiny, pre-measured strip for a low-sudsing wash that cleans just as powerfully as other products. Tru Earth uses zero-waste, compostable packaging for all its one-off and subscription deliveries.

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Best for Sensitive Skin: The Honest Company

Designed for sensitive skin, Honest detergent might say "baby," but it's fit for the whole family. It's made of plant-derived, hypoallergenic ingredients, as well as four stain-fighting enzymes that will most certainly save precious items from ruin. Choose how often you want your subscription delivery to arrive and never worry about your laundry again.

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