15 Crazy-Specific Things to Clean When You've Cleaned Almost Everything

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You've organized your junk drawers and closets. You're staying on top of keeping your home clean. Now you're just looking for more ways to pass the time. We're pretty sure there are things you missed in your big clean-up — or stuff you've never thought of cleaning (your plants, for example). Read on for a list of crazy-specific things you can be cleaning — because you got the time.


1. Lampshades. The key to getting months of dust off a fabric shade? Lint roller.

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2. Your Instant Pot. You'll disassemble your Instant Pot and scrub every corner with a toothbrush — just follow our step-by-step guide.

3. Refrigerator coils. Why? They can collect TONS of dust and affect your fridge's performance.

4. Baseboard moldings. One thing that most people overlook when cleaning is the ridges of moldings. Or, if you have doors with indentations, the little ledges that collect dust there.

5. Tile grout. Take a sturdy brush to your tiled floors, shower, or countertops. Sometimes, for really caked-on grime, we'll use a bamboo skewer to to release the nastiness.


6. Your toaster. You will be SHOCKED at the stuff that comes out of the bottom tray.

7. The dishwasher. It's easy to overlook the dishwasher when cleaning is its job — but look closer and you'll see spots of built-up residue. Here's our natural dishwasher cleaning method.


8. Toilet tank. Cleaning the bowl should be routine. But have you ever thought about the tank? Rust and algae can affect your toilet's performance.

9. Coffee machine. Grab some white vinegar and some dish soap.

10. Kitchen sponge. First of all — you're replacing your sponge every week or so right? If not, make sure you're properly cleaning it and reducing the bacteria it harbors.


11. Your plants. Plants are beautiful, but they're also natural dust-collectors. Here's the proper way to make their leaves shiny and dust-free.

12. Your mattress. So you probably don't have the equipment to give your mattress a proper steam clean, but if you've got a vacuum and some baking soda, you can definitely deodorize it.


13. Ceiling fans. We have a genius hack that allows you to clean your ceiling fans without getting black dust everywhere.

14. Your showerhead. Here's one you've probably hardly ever thought of, but once you see it, you can't unsee all the crud.

15. Reusable water bottles. How to finally get rid of that slight mildew smell from your Swell.



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