Always Do THIS Before You Vacuum

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Ready to tidy up around your home? There's one thing you should always do before you vacuum.


Clean everything above your floor first. Basically, start at the top and end at the bottom. It's simple, but do you do it?

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By following these tips below, you'll waste less time and energy when cleaning your home.

Clean ceiling lights and fixtures.

Ceiling lights, fixtures, and pendants often go by the wayside when cleaning, but they can collect a lot of dust. Use a microfiber cloth or dusting wand to gently remove any buildup. For light fixtures, you may want to use a window cleaner.


Dust picture frames and televisions.

Art framed in black frames on a wall next to a black banister

Dust any items hanging on the wall using a cleaning mitt or wand. This is also a good time to address your television or any other electronics that are hanging or sitting on shelves. (Just be careful!)


Dust mantels and bookshelves.

Mantel with clay knot sculptures and leather vase with dried plants

Work your way down to the next level by cleaning and dusting any mantels, shelves, or cabinets next.



Clean window blinds and curtains.

An arched window with white curtains and a tree plant

Take a few minutes to clean window blinds using a microfiber cloth. You can also use a lint brush or hand broom to knock any dust off of your curtains if you don't have the time to wash them.


Vacuum or wipe down sofas and chairs.

using a hand-held vacuum cleaner to get pet fur off a couch

If you have fabric sofas, use a vacuum attachment to give your furniture a quick cleaning. You could even go a step further and remove the cushions to remove any debris that may have fallen in between the cushions. For leather furniture, wipe them down with a microfiber cloth or leather cleaning wipes.


Dust side tables and coffee tables.

modern wood bedside lamp

Start by dusting lamps that are sitting out on any tables. For fabric shades, here's a cleaver trick: use a lint brush to remove dust with ease. Next, give your end tables, coffee tables, and any decorative accents a good dusting.


Finally ...

Now that all of the dust and debris from above has been removed, it's time to break out that vacuum and clean those floors.



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