These 3 Statement Pieces Will Instantly Elevate Your Bedroom Aesthetic

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In a dream world, you'd have a team of talented mind readers who could turn your elusive vision for your dream bedroom into an IRL sanctuary.


Sadly, mind-reading interior designers aren't a thing, but luckily you don't actually need them to create a bedroom aesthetic you won't be able to stop posting photos of. All you need is a few key decor pieces to pull together a space that feels totally upgraded, while still reflecting your personal style.

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Keep reading for inspo on the three room upgrades you can make today with minimal effort — for a huge impact.


The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom (it's called the bed-room, after all), and The Bed, by Thuma is the ultimate minimalist addition to your upgraded sleep space.

With natural walnut coloring that jives with any color scheme, every platform bed frame is hand-crafted from repurposed wood — so each unique grain and knot is as individual as your personal style. The Bed also has thoughtful details like nine inches of clearance for under-bed storage to hide clutter (along with rounded edges to save your shins).


And the simplicity doesn't end with clean lines of the bed itself. The process of setting it up is also a total breeze. The bed is shipped free to your door, and can be assembled in just minutes, without any tools or favors from neighbors needed.

Plus, since it's designed using Japanese joinery, there's no squeaking or creaking noises when you hop into bed every night (a game-changer). Yes, it's okay to fall in love with a statement piece.


The quickest way to switch up the style in your space is to roll out a new rug. Yep, it's that simple. It sets the tone for the entire room, and helps you establish the color scheme for the remainder of your decor.

So, a rug is essentially your design muse. But since it's also the first thing you'll sink your feet into in the morning, you'll want yours to really do some work for you. Go for a color-blocked style to match your minimalist bed — like this one from Target that's plush yet firm with an array of muted colors that'll last you through all the redecorating you'll inevitably do at some point.


What could liven up your space more than filling it with, well, life? The last piece to round out the room of your elevated-self's dreams is this set of low-maintenance, high-payoff plants for a blast of lush greenery. Not only do plants clean the air for you, but they also instantly make any room feel brighter and homier.

Can you believe it only takes three essentials to turn your bedroom aesthetic up a notch (or several)? With a platform bed frame that matches literally anything, a colorful-yet-understated area rug, and chicly potted plants, consider your bedroom-turned-sanctuary complete.



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