The One Thing You Should ALWAYS Do Before Bed

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So, yes, there are MANY things one should do before bed: Brushing your teeth, putting on pajamas, setting an alarm. But these are pretty basic.

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Here at Hunker, we're pretty obsessed with the particulars of our beds — the sheets, the pillows, the things that decorate our nightstands. We're also preoccupied with the cleanliness of all. So it's no surprise that my particular bedtime pet peeve combines these two things. And that is: Please. Wash your feet before bed. Or put on a clean pair of socks. Both for your own health and the longevity of your sheets.


Think about it: If you're getting into bed after walking around barefoot, then the sheet-space at the end of your bed is just capturing bits of dust and debris night after night. It's something you can easily overlook, because even when you strip your bed to clean your sheets, you're not paying attention to any particular area of your sheets. But if you are getting into bed with dirty feet, take a look under your duvet at the foot of your bed, and you will see: It's gross.


TL;DR: Wash your feet before bed or put on a clean pair of socks. Otherwise the foot of your bed under the duvet will become a trap for dust, dirt, crumbs, and other nastiness. Thank you and good night.



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