Looking for Midcentury Modern Wallpaper? These Prints Are Perfectly Retro

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If you're obsessed with all things midcentury modern, you've likely got your bases covered with a thrifted 1950s credenza, a Sputnik chandelier, and a punchy color palette. But have you considered midcentury modern wallpaper? You can absolutely score the real deal from sources such as eBay and Etsy, and many of the patterns continue to hold up amid today's trends. However, understandably, the authentic stuff can be a little on the brittle side. If you'd prefer wallpaper that's a bit more durable but still captures the retro vibe, look no further than current-day prints with midcentury motifs.


Midcentury modern wallpaper tends to show off geometric, eye-catching shapes, like interlocked squares in the case of this office designed by Jenny of Seasons in Colour, curved silhouettes, or atomic starbursts. It also typically showcases a vibrant array of colors — orange, yellow, and green are favorites if you really want to be authentic, but you can always set a more modern tone with neutral hues. And nowadays, you can even score removable options — perfect for an accent wall or leveling up a powder room — in case you want to switch things up in the future.

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Ready to inject your space with a dash of midcentury modern flair? Peruse these 12 oh-so-stylish wallpaper designs.

1. West Elm Mid-Century Tile Wallpaper, $149 per roll

A wallpaper that resembles wall tile, this print could have easily lived in Don Draper's apartment but will look just as chic in a modern abode.


2. Anthropologie Hello Sunshine Wallpaper, $98 per roll

The midcentury modern era landed smack-dab in the middle of Cold War fever, so it's unsurprising that atomic themes wove themselves into mid-mod visuals. Today, these starbursts look positively cheerful in any space.


3. Graham & Brown Carnival Wallpaper, $120 per roll

The Jetsons would fully approve of this midcentury modern wallpaper pattern, which looks space-agey and stylish with its rounded shapes and saturated colors.



4. Ebern Designs Thummepalli Wallpaper, $214.99 per roll

This midcentury modern pattern looks as if it were transported from the 1950s, complete with bold yellows and geometric star shapes.


5. Tempaper x Bobby Berk Shift Wallpaper, $125 per double roll

If you're hoping for a self-adhesive, removable option with an eye-grabbing midcentury print, you're in luck. Minimal in appearance, this pattern checks all of those boxes, plus it was also designed by Queer Eye star Bobby Berk. Win-win!


6. Brewster Jax Espresso Starburst Wallpaper, $48.18 per roll

There's a chance that an early incarnation of this wallpaper is still up in your grandmother's bathroom, which of course means that she has amazing taste. Follow in her footsteps, and go full-on atomic with this spirited starburst print.



7. Hygge & West Slice Wallpaper in Blue, $195 per roll

Brimming with geometric contours, this midcentury modern wallpaper is super-durable and washable, making it an ideal choice for a bathroom.


8. JessArtDecoration Removable Self-Adhesive Wallpaper, $72.25 - $578 per roll

To immediately swank-ify your space, look to this classy mid-mod wallpaper displaying golden shapes against a navy-blue backdrop.


9. George Oliver Deonte Peel and Stick Wallpaper, $1.37 per sq. ft.

Curvaceous and playful, this midcentury modern wallpaper print is certainly retro, and it's an easy way to add modern style to any room.


10. Deny Designs The Old Art Studio Mid Century Modern Geometric 23 Wallpaper, $53.10 - $134.10 per roll

Inspired by a midcentury art studio, this wallpaper print definitely demands attention. With its kaleidoscopic colors and creative shapes, you can't deny its light and joyous vibe.

11. Anthropologie Albany Wallpaper, $148 per roll

This wallpaper print represents a contemporary take on midcentury design, slightly softened with light colors and half-circles that look as if they've been created using a sponge.

12. CB2 Cross Hatch Circles Gold and Navy Wallpaper, $149 per roll

Dots and hatch marks were popular trends among midcentury modern aesthetics, and here, the two are combined, resulting in a mod wallpaper pattern that we can't get enough of.



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