19 Places to Buy Unique and Modern Wrapping Paper

detroit paper co wrapping paper
credit: Etsy

Finding the perfect gift — whether it's for a holiday or a birthday — is half the battle. The final challenge is locating unique wrapping paper to make your present truly special. Don't worry: We've rounded up our absolute favorite places for buying modern gift wrap, from easy-to-find chain stores to indie printmakers and Etsy sellers.


ikea wrapping paper
credit: IKEA

If you're looking for a budget option, head to your local IKEA. The Swedish retailer usually has a couple non-specific wrapping options year-round, but come holiday time, it reinvents with all new prints and designs — all usually under $5.

pink and red wrapping paper
credit: Etsy

This Chicago-based Etsy seller is all about fun, bright colors. Most of the gift wrap options feature graphic designs — from Memphis-inspired confetti to terrazzo to fun checkers.

modern wrapping paper
credit: Anne & Kate

Founded by two women, this indie printshop offers a handful of contemporary graphic wrapping paper options. Some even feel like optical illusions.

cherry wrapping paper
credit: Maisonette

If you're looking for wrapping paper for the kids' holiday gifts or birthdays, head over to Maisonette, which stocks quaint printed paper from a few makers.

hexagon print wrapping paper
credit: Etsy

This indie maker's options are heavy on colorful graphic motifs, with options for general gifting as well as Christmas and Hanukkah.

rifle paper co wrapping paper
credit: Anthropologie

Looking for something feminine and whimsical? Anthropologie is a safe bet — it mostly stocks rolls by Rifle Paper Co., but it also has a fun selection of trimmings and gift boxes/bags.

meri meri cactus wrapping paper
credit: Meri Meri

This crazy-fun party supply shop has a bubbly selection of all-around and birthday gift wrap with on-trend prints like cacti, flamingos, or iridescent lightning bolts.

8. Target

white and gold wrapping paper
credit: Target

Target's always a safe bet, although you may have to dig a bit to find wrapping paper that feels less big-box. We are particularly fond of their Sugar Paper line, which feels kind of Kate Spade-y.

moroccan print wrapping paper
credit: Society6

If massive variety's what you're after, hit up Society6, a platform that allows artists to put their designs on a number of products — including wallpaper. Because their artist base is so wide, there's basically anything you can think of, including this Moroccan tile-inspired print.

plaid wrapping paper
credit: Etsy

This fun Etsy seller is solely in the business of wrapping paper, and the designs are largely vintage-inspired. Think motifs inspired by art nouveau midcentury imagery, lumberjack plaids, old newspaper, or vintage postcards.

Rifle Paper Co.'s fun illustrated gift wrap is almost instantly recognizable: Flowers and animals are their thing.

knot and bow wrapping paper
credit: Knot & Bow

This indie paper goods studio often partners with designers and illustrators to create wrapping paper that seriously feels like art.

animal wrapping paper
credit: Etsy

The gift wrap designs from this Etsy shop seriously feel like they were lifted from the pages of children's books — our favorite motifs feature repeating cars or animals.

christmas wrapping paper
credit: Paper Source

This chain store has a bit of everything for everyone: agreeable holiday designs, basic patterns, and a good selection of solids.

floral wrapping paper
credit: Etsy

Here's another Etsy shop offering lots of floral designs that feel handmade.

batiik wrapping paper
credit: St. Frank

St. Frank doesn't offer a ton of options in this department, but what it does offer is very specific: artisan-made wrapping paper with prints inspired by African or South American textiles.

palm wrapping paper
credit: Etsy

This U.K.-based stationer's wrapping paper looks just like old school wallpaper!

18. Micush

pale blue floral wrapping paper
credit: Micush

Here's an Israeli stationery brand with a cute selection of pastel printed papers.

hand printed wrapping paper
credit: Etsy

For the most special gifts, consider Bonnie Kaye Studio, which creates wrapping paper by hand-printing floral designs on kraft paper.

Leonora Epstein

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