7 Eco-Friendly and Reusable Alternatives to Holiday Gift Wrap

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Welcome to the Hunker Holiday Gift Guide. From joyful decor picks to gifts that give back, these items are sure to delight everyone on your list.

Surprisingly, most wrapping paper cannot be recycled. The dyed, laminated material often ends up in landfills, so the holiday season can be responsible for tons and tons of waste. If you're looking for more sustainable yet still festive options, you've come to the right place. We've gathered seven eco-friendly gift wrap choices that will help you give gorgeous, guilt-free gifts this year.


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1. Wrappily Feliz Flamingos and Candy Canes, $10

Wrappily's reversible gift wrap sheets are made of recycled and recyclable newsprint that requires minimal energy to produce and uses gentle, soy-based inks. The result is a collection of colorful, detailed papers that feature a unique, jolly pattern on each side, like sweet candy canes juxtaposed with tropical flamingos in winter garb.


2. Nourishing Notes Double-Sided Food Themed Gift-Wrap, $26

Joyful whisks and specks of salt and pepper are the focus of this set of uncoated, recycled paper gift wrap sheets from the Chicago-based husband-wife team behind Nourishing Notes. The creative, food-centric images are sure to delight any culinary-minded recipient.


3. Paper Source Holiday Cedar Branches Stone Wrapping Paper, $9.95

This Paper Source wrapping paper is not made of paper at all. Instead, it's a combination of crushed marble and limestone that somehow uses less water to manufacture than regular paper. It's also water-resistant, recyclable, reusable, and easy to cut. With those credentials and prints like this cedar branch greenery with gold foil accents, it's a winner.


4. DIY Crew Kraft Paper, $16.99

Brown kraft paper is a classic, eco-friendly go-to for wrapping presents, packing boxes, lining tables, and so much more. The rustic-looking paper is both recycled and recyclable, as well as super durable and smooth.


5. Wrappr High Noon Wrap, $14

Inspired by a centuries-old Japanese tradition, Wrappr offers stunning ​furoshiki​ fabric gift wrap. The biodegradable, organic cotton is not only reusable for wrapping future presents — it can also be transformed into wall art, bags, and more. Plus, the artists who create the stunning graphics like this leafy plant number get a cut of every sale.


6. Anthropologie Pink Furoshiki Holiday Wrapping Cloth, $18

Bright, Anthropologie-exclusive designs cover the store's selection of ​furoshiki​. The vibrant, cotton wrapping cloths are a sustainable and stylish alternative to paper. We're especially partial to this fuschia version with its fierce, illustrated leopards.


7. Celina Mancurti Furoshiki-Inspired Linen Gift Wrap (Set of 3), $49

Minimal and chic, textile maker Celina Mancurti's ​furoshiki​ are crafted with linen, finished with a wild hem, and trimmed with handmade mini tassels. Ideal for presenting memorable gifts, these soft, absorbent wraps also double as napkins, placemats, and tea towels.


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