Our Editor-in-Chief Spends Her Sundays Doing as Little as Possible (and Doing It Well)

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Welcome to Lazy Sundays, where we peek into the weekend lives of design-minded folks. Today, Hunker's Editor-in-Chief, Eve Epstein, brings you into her Sunday routine, which starts in her house in Los Angeles. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.



I don't know about you, but I sleep best when covered in dogs. Daisy (on the bottom) is always down to sleep in; Oscar (above) is playing along, but you can tell from the look on his face that he's got breakfast and zoomies on his mind. Another barrier to extended slumber: we bought these awesome velvet curtains from West Elm to help us sleep late on weekends, but completely forgot about the giant skylight right above our bed.

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First things first: Take my Seed Female Daily Synbiotic. These command a prominent spot on my nightstand. For one thing, they're the most life-changing supplements I've ever tried: backed by crazy amounts of science, they promote not only gut health but beautiful skin, heart health, and more. Also, the chic green jar doubles as decor.

I'm not really a breakfast person (I know, I know), but coffee is everything. I learned from my health-minded pals how important it is to drink organic coffee, so we made the switch years ago. I love me a good coffee mug, and right now my absolute favorite is the Ridge Cup from LGS Studio.

Once I'm up, I'll get started on some chores. My cat, Hobson, loves it when I do the laundry (though his sheddy presence is sometimes counter-productive), so I take the time to cuddle with him while we're waiting for the cycle to end.


Afterward, I'll do some light cat-fur clean-up with my handy, rubber-bristled pet-hair removal broom.


This is the part of the day I like to call "Don't Bother Me When I'm Trying to Be Alone With the NYT Puzzle Page." I get all excited when answers to the Crossword have some sort of relevance to my life. Last week it was "drop cap," "Duran" ("When doubled, band with the 1984 #1 hit 'The Reflex'") and "endash." Yep, I'm cool.

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Puzzle-solving will often segue seamlessly into nap time, made especially cozy by a soft cotton quilt from Campover.

If I can find the time in this break-neck schedule, I try to do something nice for my skin β€” a job I should probably turn over to a legit dermatologist, but, again: lazy. I particularly enjoy a good Hanacure-and-selfie sesh.

Image Credit: Eve Epstein

If you're wondering where that oversize macrame wall hanging behind me is from, I've got good news and bad news: The bad news is that I made that one myself and it was hard so no, I can't make one for you. The good news is that you can find some amazing large-scale macrame on Etsy that's way better than mine, including this beautiful piece from Holly Mueller.



Sunday nights are reserved for dinner with my partner and his stylish kids, usually somewhere in the neighborhood. One of our newer favorites is Jon & Vinny's, where the white-oak interiors and ceramic light fixtures are 100% Hunker-approved and the pizza and pasta are pretty near perfection. Not in the neighborhood? Treat yourself to one of their old-school T-shirts.

While there's never a dress code for these dinners, we often find ourselves in sartorial alignment. Great minds and all. This post was not in any way sponsored!

Otis's Superstars are looking particularly fresh, n'est-ce pas?

After dinner, it's TV time, which these days means Succession. Sometimes we'll doze off during the episode β€” and awaken to find that Oscar's changed the channel.

Image Credit: Eve Epstein

Just kidding. But he does love nature shows. Finally, it's bedtime. We draw our (useless) curtains and curl up on our ridiculously comfy Keetsa mattress. I seriously cannot say enough about this: As a committed fan of sleep, recumbency, and all things non-vertical, I can attest to the awesomeness of this product.