Farmgirl Flowers Founder Christina Stembel On Her Can't-Live-Without Sleep Products

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From editor-tested bedding to the latest in sleep tech, we've got everything you could ever need for better sleep. Welcome to New Year, New Sleep.

Welcome to Pillow Talk: A series where founders, designers, and other inspirational creatives share their dreamy bedtime routines and nighttime rituals. Today, Christina Stembel, the founder, CEO, and farm-girl behind Farmgirl Flowers' gorgeous and ethically sourced bouquets, spills on her quick, simple, and oh-so-cozy bedtime routine.


The first thing I do when getting ready for bed is to shut my laptop! I'm usually working pretty much right up to, if not right before, I head to bed for the evening. My life is already pretty complicated, so I like to keep the sleep part as easy as possible!

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First up, my skincare routine. There are a lot of things that I swap in and out and rotate for new products as they come out, but my one can't-live-without product, morning and night, is the Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum. It's definitely splurge-y but I swear it makes my skin looks like it is lit from within. I've been using it for almost two years now and haven't been able to find anything that works nearly as well.

I never used to be a big pajama person but the organic cotton jogger set from ThirdLove has totally changed my mind — I have a set in every color now. I also have a t-shirt/short set from Lunya on my wishlist (but haven't pulled the trigger yet!).

I don't really take any vitamins or supplements around bedtime, but I do like to switch over from coffee to tea in the afternoon and drink some as I get into bed. I also like to play Scrabble on my phone to unplug before bed. It helps me to get my head out of work before I drift off to sleep. Other than that, there isn't really anything to my routine other than falling asleep. I'm fortunate that I've always been able to fall asleep without a lot of trouble, which is a blessing when I have as few hours as I do to catch z's.


My bed is Team Parachute all the way! I'm such a big fan of their linen sheets, quilts, and pillows, and all of it helps me to fall asleep as quickly as possible.



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