How Hunker's Content Director Spends Her Sundays

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Welcome to Lazy Sundays, where we peek into the weekend lives of design-minded folks. Today, Hunker's Senior Content Director, Leonora Epstein, brings you into her Sunday routine, which starts in her apartment in the Silver Lake Hills__. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.


I tend wake up around 8:30 and laze in bed for a minute, browsing Etsy for finds to post to my Instagram pet project account, @koolmugz. It's just a fun side thing after I started discovering so many amazing vintage mugs and felt like I needed a place to document them all.

My husband is a late riser, so I usually take my time making breakfast and indulging in multiple cups of green tea, which I drink out of these Kinto cups.

Around this time, I try to remember to take my probiotic. I started using Seed's Female Daily Synbiotic about a year ago. I love that the packaging is so beautiful (you get a refillable glass pot, plus a glass travel vial) and that the company is so eco-conscious (your monthly subscription arrives in packaging that's all biodegradable).

Breakfast is usually simple but fresh: tomatoes, avocado, and boiled eggs, which I top with Za'atar, a mediterranean spice that's hard to describe if you've never had it. You can find a blend on Food52, but try your local spice market to see if you can find a sample!

I try to spend a good portion of Sundays writing and reading, and I can't do that without feeling like I'm clean (especially if, on the rare occasion, I've actually made it to spin class before breakfast). Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Peppermint Soap is my go-to, especially in summer — it feels so clean and tingly on your skin.


Time to hunker down in my home office to work on any personal writing. (Shameless plug for my own book right here!) If I'm reading, I like to keep a notebook and pen handy in case any inspiration strikes. Lately, I'm using this un-lined notebook my husband brought me back from Liberty on a recent trip to London.

And I almost always write with one of Poketo's pens. There's no other fine point like theirs!

Throughout the afternoon, I'll take little breaks and visit with my cat, Pumpkin (if she'll let me). As it's getting hotter in L.A., she's been shedding quite a bit, so I might see if I can corner her with the Furminator, this amazing de-shedding tool. She kind of loves it.

On Sundays when I'm not writing, my husband and I will spend the afternoon in a predictable manner: binge-watching a guilty pleasure like 90 Day Fiancé or True Blood. But we do try to get off the couch at least once for a walk in our neighborhood. More often than not, I wind up in Clare V's store on Sunset, pining over a bag or accessory. I'm obsessed with Clare's stuff — she's a bit of a local legend —and 99 percent of my wallets, bags, and favorite T-shirts are by her. I might need this poster, a collab she recently did with artist Iris de Moüy.


By late afternoon, I'm pretty much ready to give my brain a rest, so my husband and I will head to the store to pick up groceries for dinner and the beginning of the week. I love cooking on Sundays with a glass of wine in hand — I don't feel rushed and can put some extra time into meal prep. If I'm looking for culinary inspiration, it's straight to Alison Roman's cookbook, Insta, or recipes she does for the New York Times.

If I'm feeling fancy, I might actually set the table. Our flatware is CB2's Brushed Gold:

I also love CB2's napkins. We picked up a set of grid print napkins a couple years ago that seem to be discontinued now. Unfortunately, we're currently eating off some pretty cheap plates from Target, but I'm hoping one day we'll be able to afford a full set of Year & Day's gorgeous dinnerware.