How the Founders of CBD Company Sagely Naturals Unwind Before Bed

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From editor-tested bedding to the latest in sleep tech, we've got everything you could ever need for better sleep. Welcome to New Year, New Sleep.

Welcome to Pillow Talk: A series where founders, designers, and other inspirational creatives share their dreamy bedtime routines and nighttime rituals. Today, Kaley Nichol and Kerrigan Behrens, co-founders of Sagely Naturals — a collection of hemp-derived, CBD products that support whole self wellness — share their individual nighttime routines which include sleep diets, seasonal sheets, and essential oil gel capsules.


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Kaley Nichol

My family, which includes my husband and two young boys aged three and one, are on a "sleep diet" which was inspired by a book called Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. One of the many things that affect our quality of sleep is the exposure to blue light — the light that comes from our electronic devices as well as LED lights. Our "bedtime" actually starts with our lights! Before our 1-year-old's bedtime, around 7 p.m., we dim the kitchen lights and turn on our anti-blue lights (these orange bulbs we installed in our night lights) in our bedroom.

Thanks to my mom spoiling me as a kid, she was always a proponent of great sheets and fun duvet covers. I remember picking out a new duvet cover every year as one of my Christmas presents. Our pre-bed chatter is seasonal ... in the summer my husband almost nightly makes a comment about our incredibly soft sheets — 1872 Series Percale from Bloomingdales — and in the winter I melt into our old flannel sheets and comment that I've been waiting all day for this moment!

Also seasonal, but my pajamas inevitably include a college t-shirt (short or long) with a random pair of old faded pajama bottoms (shorts or pants). Thanks to the book Why We Sleep, I consider my silky sleep mask part of my PJ set too ... and it's the only thing that's not faded, torn, or from college — clearly my eyes are high-maintenance.

At 34, I am starting to see where my crow's feet and wrinkles are going to set in as I age. So I do what I can to prevent them from progressing! I have been using our Sagely Naturals Brightening Serum in my nighttime routine, as well as applying Nucifera "The Balm" around my eyes and lips. Daily sunscreen is also a must, however, finding clean products that don't leave your face super white is tough. I'm using Solara Suncare right now, which protects against not only the sun but the environment as well.


I don't like to take supplements at night as I like to consume [them] in the morning with food, but I do drink chamomile tea from Trader Joe's almost every night which, to me, is as good as any supplement!

Having a 3- and a 1-year-old threw my nighttime "ritual" out the window ... I'm lucky if I get to brush my teeth with the lights on or without a baby crying for a bottle. However, I believe strongly in taking time for myself before bed that has nothing to do with work to avoid laying awake after the lights go out. This usually includes journaling or reading a hardcover book. A great way to wind down!

My husband and I have also made a habit of mentioning at least one thing that we are grateful for before we go to bed. Because of this, I can't help but go into my boys' room and give them each a kiss on the cheek and smile at how lucky of a momma I am to have two beautiful boys.

Kerrigan Behrens

I grew up in a household with an unofficial "no sweatpants" style — my mom and dad don't know what it means to "dress down" so, up until the last few years, I always felt weird about changing into my PJs before bed. My husband, fortunately, has been getting me more comfortable with really easing into bedtime and he encourages me to change into what we call our "stretchy pants" after dinner. The practice of getting out of my work clothes and into something more comfortable has made a huge difference in how much I'm able to relax in the evenings!

Right now, I'm super into the Parachute Sateen sheets —they are incredibly soft without the typical cheesiness of other satin sheets. I wish I had an extra set because our alternative sheets are so inferior! My bed is all white and I find that the clean color also helps to contribute to the feeling of my bed being a refuge.


I recently bought a pair of Muji men's pajamas on a trip to Japan a few years ago and haven't found another pair that I like as much. They're sturdy cotton and slightly oversized and boxy.

Before I got pregnant, I was religiously using Sagely Naturals Brightening skincare line and I can't wait until I can start using it again. The smell of neroli oil is intoxicating and I love how hydrated my skin looks in the morning. The Brightening Eye Cream in particular helps to ensure I look well rested, even if I had a fitful night of sleep.

I used to take lavender essential oil gel caps — it was such a surprise to me when I learned that you could consume it orally. Now that I'm pregnant, I'm not really sure whether I'm allowed to take them or not so instead I drink Calm Magnesium and my prenatal before bed. The magnesium has been critical to helping with the foot cramps that used to wake me up in the middle of the night throughout my pregnancy.

Years ago, I lived in a noisy apartment in San Francisco and started sleeping with earplugs. I became addicted and now can't sleep without them! I found a brand that makes earplugs specifically for women — they're smaller — so they're really comfortable. I love the absolute silence of wearing them and now am worried about what's going to happen once I have my baby and can no longer wear them. I'm anticipating the opposite of absolute silence!


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