Hunker Recommends: These Are the Bedtime Products We Can't Live Without

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Struggling to catch up on zzz's after Daylight Saving Time? Sleep Week is here to help. From editor-tested bedding and slumber-friendly products to bed cleaning hacks, we've got everything you could ever need to up your sleep game. Happy snoozing.


Going to sleep seems like such a simple task — that is until you actually try to close your eyes and do the dang thing. (Cue the tossing and turning.) That's why nighttime routines are so important. They signal to your brain that it's time for shuteye and help your body relax into a state of total sleepy bliss. To help you achieve optimal sleep success, we tapped our team to spill on their number one, can't-live-without sleep product that turns a night of mindless wandering into a no-fail REM cycle-filled snooze.

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Here, the Hunker editors' top sleep picks.

Amazon Echo, $99.99

"I got an Alexa a few years back, and now I can't go to bed without her. She plays the most soothing sleep sounds for me at night and has the most obnoxious alarm that wakes me up in the a.m. (and yes, she's the kind of girl who can do both)." — Lowe Saddler, SEO Editor


Casper Glow Light, $229

"This thing is amazing! It sets the mood, instantly gets your brain into a 'bedtime' headspace, and lulls you to sleep as it gradually dims to darkness." — Leonora Epstein, Senior Director


Alice + Olivia CBD Bubble, $50

"I take a bath almost every night, and this Alice + Olivia CBD Bubble Bath is my go-to for bringing on the sleepy vibes. It's hard to say whether the CBD is the key to its powers, but the super relaxing chamomile and lavender scents are enough of a reason to keep me buying on repeat." — Gina Goff, Director of Audience Development



Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan Sound Machine, $49.95

"I have so many routines and rituals I employ to help me sleep, but one product I use -- no fail -- is my white noise sound machine. I like the sound of the fan, plus it drowns out little noises throughout the night that would surely wake me. I find it to be so soothing. I even bring it with me whenever I travel." — Laurie Grossman, Director, Editorial Operations


Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, $59.99

"I don't really need anything to sleep ... but this has been a lifesaver with my kid." — Paul Anderson, Creative Director


Celestial Seasonings Herbal Sleepytime Tea, $4.89

"I love a good sleepytime tea. It helps me to unwind and definitely gets me a little drowsy sometimes (but not too much)." — Eva Recinos, Associate Editor



Brooklinen Silk Eyemask, $29

"I don't really have an all-time favorite, but all eye masks give me the best, most restful sleep." — Branchè Foston


Indie Lee Sleep Body Oil, $45

"I have a very basic nighttime routine, but every night after my shower, I use this oil all over, including [on] my face. It absorbs quickly and I love the way it smells (so does my husband)!" — Colette Dazé, Hunker House Manager


HAY Portable Lamp, $95

"We have two of these lamps in our bedroom and when dimmed to the lowest level, they create a perfect calming glow to help you go to bed. Plus, they're rechargeable, which means no unsightly wires!" — Thuan Hoang, Marketing Manager


TCL Roku Smart TV, $127.88

"If I'm being honest, I guess I would have to say my TV (I know, I know … a TV in the bedroom!). But the calming voices from How the Universe Works or Night on Earth on Netflix are a near perfect soundtrack for lulling me to sleep. However, when that doesn't seem to do the trick, and I actually start watching the show instead of falling asleep to it, I turn to the Calm app on my phone for the Blue Gold sleep story by Stephen Fry — it works like a charm. His voice is relaxing AF and as the story progresses the volume of his voice decreases incrementally. Plus, you don't have to pay for the app in order to enjoy this soothing bedtime story." — Ariane Moore, Design Editor

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask, $14.99

"I have learned to love this product because not only does it keep the light out, it also forces me to go to sleep since I have to keep my eyes closed. Plus, it won't roughly rub against my eyes because of the material." — Elise Arant, Social Media Specialist

Vitruvi Stone Ceramic Diffuser, $118.94

"I've never been all that good at keeping up a bedtime routine, but all of that changed when I got my beautiful diffuser. Not only does it make the perfect nightstand accouterment, but the scents make me feel like I'm at a luxurious spa getting ready to cozy up for a relaxing treatment. I'm currently using their TK blend, which is strong enough to signal my senses, but not too strong that it distracts me from what's important (sleep)." — Katie Maguire, Commerce Editor



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