9 Design-Friendly Ways to Purify Your Home

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You might vacuum every day (which, if you do, props to you), but even if your floors appear spotless, there could be more going on behind the scenes in your home when it comes to cleanliness.

Newsflash: If you want your space to reach the pinnacle of purity, the air inside of it is what you should really be focusing on cleaning up. If you didn't know, some unexpected, everyday items such as furniture and gas-burning stoves could be releasing invisible chemicals into the air that contribute to indoor pollution.

But instead of ditching all your stuff, you can keep your air quality in tip-top shape by outfitting your home with a few tastefully selected pieces of decor—which we rounded up for you and put to the purifying test inside the Hunker House.

At the top of the list (followed closely by sculptural diffusers and handmade dishes) are sleek-looking air purifiers like the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool and Dyson Pure Cool. Both models can sense particles of pollution in the air, and then capture them automatically using a high-efficiency glass filter.

For more tips on how to purify your home (from Harvard's Homes for Health project) without sacrificing design, watch the video below—plus score an insider's tour of the Hunker House.

Watch the video for 9 design tips you never knew would purify your home—and scroll down to shop the essentials.

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