This First-of-Its-Kind Immersive Game Belongs on Every Design Lover's Phone

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What's better than learning the ins and outs of home design? Putting that knowledge in action, of course. But once you're satisfied with how you've curated your own space, where else are you supposed to exercise your home design savvy? That's when the new mobile game Playhouse comes into play (literally).


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Founded by Jill Wilson and developed by Robin Games, the women-led creative lifestyle game is the first of its kind, allowing users to digitally design their own 3D spaces with real pieces of furniture. The best part is that the app is free, but you can also use in-app purchases to further customize your experience.

Here's exactly how it works:


  • From a wide range of interior space options, choose eight daily design projects.
  • With over 100 furniture brands and over 6,000 3D furniture renderings at your disposal, drag and drop different pieces of furniture and decor to design the spaces however you'd like.
  • If you really love a certain piece of furniture or decor, you can actually buy it for your IRL home.
  • When you're ready, submit your design to be reviewed by the in-game community.
  • Based on the ratings you receive, you can gain rewards and level up in the game.
  • While on the app, use Playhouse's social feed to connect with other users who love the art of home design just as much as you do.


Available on both iOS and Android, Playhouse allows users to immerse themselves in their design mood boards with products they can buy in the physical world. So before you redesign your actual space, you can test out your ideas using Playhouse.

Plus, eight daily new design challenges will also feature familiar names from the design, art, fashion, travel, and food worlds. In addition to Hunker, you can also expect to see brands like Society6, 1stDibs, and ​House Beautiful Magazine​, along with tastemakers Forbes + Masters, Rowi Singh, Newbuild Newlyweds, Josh & Matt, Dani Klaric, and more.

To try Playhouse for yourself, you can download the game here. Happy decorating!