Add To Cart: The Must-Have Items For Stress-Free Backyard Gatherings

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Hosting is no easy feat, especially when you want to impress with your grilling techniques and your design aesthetic. But after taking a backyard tour from Bre Bertolini, design blogger for BrePurposed, you've got a roadmap for how it's done—now you just have to implement it.


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From a giant, family-size dinner table to rustic, wooden chairs to an area rug that transforms any deck into an al fresco living room, it really only takes a few pieces to create a statement.

We teamed up with Thermacell—the mosquito repellent brand that provides a 15-foot protection barrier from itchy bites—and had Bertolini share her backyard decor recommendations so that you can start outfitting your new summer hang-out spot.

Set a few of these torches around the perimeter of your outdoor space, and mosquitoes will get the hint (and refrain from crashing the party). Plus, once the sun goes down, the torches illuminate and act as another decorative light fixture.

Sadly, Bertolini's table was a bit too popular to stay stocked for long, but we found a dinner table that still meets all of her aesthetic goals (and yours, too). Plus, it comfortably seats eight people, so seating will never be an issues at your next gathering.

To bring that outdoor, woodsy vibe, opt for this genuine rattan deep-seated chair. If you want to jazz it up a bit, add a throw blanket, pillow, or even some sheepskin. It's all about weaving in comfortable textures that make people want to mingle.

An easy way not to feel decor burnout? Switch up your dining area by throwing in a few of these modern metal chairs, which can stand up to the elements without eroding over time.

Bertolini's table runner is another too-trendy-not-to-snag piece that got snatched up too quickly, but this one has the same handmade woven feeling to add interest and pattern to your table-scape.

This durable, textured ceramic planter can house a centerpiece plant of your choice or even act as the centerpiece all on its own. Plus, with its neutral color and subtle design elements, it'll match any color palette.


Bertolini used this sofa from Teak Warehouse as inspiration for DIYing her own version. So, if you're up for a summer project, she thoroughly explains the instructions step-by-step for you to follow along. Or, you can just go ahead and grab the bold, linear original.

Outdoor Area Rug


Outdoor Area Rug


Made with enhanced polypropylene for ensured durability outside, this rug can withstand whatever you throw at it—without losing the boho detail.

Instead of spraying your entire body with sticky, smelly bug spray, set a Thermacell Patio Shield Repeller on your deck for a 15-foot zone of protection. The repeller is compact, stylish, and comes in four different colors for you to pick and choose which fits your aesthetic best.