8 Sexy Patios Seen on Instagram

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Hey, you want to take this outside? Same! Especially after seeing these enticing patio scenes on Instagram. Just in time for warm weather season, these outdoor spaces are meant for entertaining, celebrating, or getting cozy with a sweet one. Someone call my contractor, I've got the itch to do a little redesign.


1. Of ​courseAthena Calderone with Eyeswoon has a gorgeous outdoor area. Her design style is impeccable. Don't you just love these chairs and that checkerboard floor? We can imagine ourselves out here sipping Limoncello during the evening magic hour.

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2. This is giving us some serious wanderlust. While we can't get to Greece right now, we're pinning this pic to our vision board. It makes us want to exhale, just looking at this gorgeous setup.


3. It's private, it's lush, it's inviting ... and it looks like it comes with a cocktail. Manscapers has given us a patio situation we can't stop thinking about. All those plants!

4. Okay, one more from Manscapers. We appreciate how everything here is low to the ground — the tables, the seat cushions, the benches — heck, the entire space is low since you have to walk to down to get to it! It's a swing-by-on-Saturday, shoes optional, pass the Sancerre type of vibe.


5. This space, designed by The Modern Landscaper, makes us want to start the party early and keep the conversation going until the stars come out. Can you imagine how inviting it must feel to sit among the glow of these deck lights while being cocooned by the modern overhang and wall?

6. We love a good outdoor fireplace, and this modern design created by Signature Landscapes is a perfect scene for date night. Extra points for setting it up next to that sexy little pool.


7. We are feeling very ​Sex and the City​ with this urban terrace. Interior designer Timothy Whealon created a stunner and any time he wants to invite us over for a martini, we are in.

8. This is pebbly patio at Maya is here for one thing only: long meals filled with good friends and good food. We imagine that when it gets dark, the string lights above turn on, the red wine keeps flowing, and there's never-ending crusty bread and cheeses to go around.



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