This Temperature Control Mug Is a Work From Home Lifesaver

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During anxiety-inducing times like this, I find myself looking for small things that bring me comfort and joy. Right now, one of those things is my Ember: a rechargeable mug that keeps my drink warm and has made working from home full-time (AKA living at work) feel a tad more enjoyable.


Why would one need this, you ask? If you tend to gulp down beverages, this is probably not for you. But if you're like me and drink everything at a snail's pace, you'll appreciate being able to sip at your leisure without ending up with cold coffee or tea by the time you're done. It even comes with an app for your phone, so not only do you know the exact temperature of your drink at any given moment, but you can also program specific presets based on what it is you're drinking. Think of it as the smart home alternative to a cup warmer.


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How It Works

The Ember comes with two pieces: the mug itself, which has a built-in battery, and the saucer, which functions as the charging station. The bottom of the mug includes a customizable LED light (I made mine blue!) that indicates when it's on, when your drink has reached the perfect temperature, and when the mug is low battery. The Ember also senses when the mug is filled or empty and automatically turns itself on or off. The accompanying app allows you to connect your Ember to your phone via Bluetooth so you can manually adjust the temperature (ranging from 120°F to 145°F) in real time, customize presets for your favorite drinks, and even get push notifications once your drink is at the right temperature. It comes in black or white in the 10-ounce size, as well as a larger 14-ounce option in black.



I got the 10-ounce matte black version which is super sleek, matches my other decor, and looks great on my desk. The mug itself and the accompanying app are easy to setup and simple to use. It feels nice to hold, and doesn't burn me if I'm holding the body of the mug, even with a hot drink inside. While it's safe for hand washing only (don't put it in the dishwasher!), it's still a cinch to clean. Since it automatically turns itself off when it's empty, you don't have to worry about burnt or stuck-on residue.



My biggest critique is the battery life — it only lasts an hour and a half before needing to be placed back on its charging station. This won't be an issue for those who don't mind having a saucer on display, as keeping the Ember on its charger allows for all day use. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the mug and saucer combo look and absolutely love the vibe of the standalone mug. A version with a longer lasting battery that requires less frequent charges, or even a charger that plugs directly into the mug itself would be ideal features.


Overall, I love my Ember and the freedom it gives me to finish hot beverages at my own pace. No more drinking-in-a-hurry anxiety? I'll take it!

Ember Mug, $99.95



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