My Cuisinart Classic Thermal 10-Cup Coffeemaker Doesn't Stay Hot

The Classic Thermal 10-Cup Coffeemaker is one of the options in Cuisinart's coffee bar product line. The coffeemaker brews like other coffeemakers but instead of staying on to keep the coffee hot, the maker automatically shuts off after brewing. This means the coffeemaker should not stay hot once brewing is complete. The thermal carafe where the coffee is contained also should cool a few minutes after brewing. However, coffee inside the carafe should remain hot for hours.

Step 1

Make sure the lid is fully seated and secured on the carafe. The lid has an auto-sealing feature designed to keep coffee inside the carafe hot for hours, so when the lid is not on the carafe or sits crooked on it, the carafe cannot keep the coffee warm.

Step 2

Don't be concerned when the coffeemaker turns off after coffee is done brewing. This is the way that the appliance is supposed to operate. The coffeemaker and its warmer plate also should begin to cool once brewing is complete and will be cool to the touch after a few minutes.

Step 3

Hold your hand close to the bottom of the carafe while it is on the coffeemaker after coffee has finished brewing and the coffeemaker shuts off. You should feel some heat coming from the bottom of the carafe. If you don't feel any heat coming from the carafe after the coffee has brewed, the coffeemaker might not be heating the water properly when brewing.

Step 4

Clean the bottom of the carafe and the warming plate on the coffeemaker thoroughly. When the carafe is sitting on the warming plate, it should be firmly seated on the plate.

Step 5

Call 800-726-0190 if you bought the coffeemaker less than three years ago and it still won't stay hot. All Cuisinart coffeemakers come with a three-year warranty that is active from the date of purchase. Cuisinart will have the coffeemaker serviced and may replace parts of the unit.