You Can Get This Minimalist Japanese Home Brand on Amazon and Urban Outfitters

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If you're a fan of Muji and Marie Kondo, let us introduce you to Yamazaki, a Japanese home brand specializing in minimal yet high-design storage and organizational items. Think simple white metal frames with lean wood accents — the types of items that are able to make small space living look classy and intentional. (Just a fun aside: Apparently, Yamazaki has been operating for over 100 years and their designs are inspired by everyday life in urban Japan, which is often about existing in tight living quarters.)


Good (and surprising) news is that Yamazaki has made it to the American market, and their goods are easily available at high-profile retailers like Amazon and Urban Outfitters.

Video of the Day

Storage Basket, $49

Try this storage basket in the kitchen or bathroom; we love the grid-like motif that is 100 percent on-trend.

Rolling Shoe Rack, $79

If you've got to store things under a bed where they are still visible, try this shoe rack, which looks ultramodern.


Coffee Drip Stand, $39

How necessary is this coffee stand? We're not sure. But it looks like you know what you're doing.


Tower Side Table, $69.99

This is the perfect transition item: Use it as a side table if you've just moved into a space, then for closet organization once you've gotten something more permanent.



Tower Coat Hanger, $59.99

Yep, clothes can look good out in the open.


Tiered Accessory Tray, $24.99

Add this simple tiered tray to your vanity — you could use it to stash jewelry or be sneaky and place this on a lazy Susan and neatly arrange your beauty products on it.


Trash Can, $24

Dang. It's not easy to find an attractive trash can, but here ya go.



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