Add to Cart: Love for Your Laundry Room

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Your laundry room's primary purpose is for cleaning and productivity—and yet somehow it simultaneously acts like a magnet for clutter. (Looking at you, workout gear, sports equipment, and random stuff you can't logically put anywhere else.)


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And since it's generally a smaller nook of your home, the laundry room usually lacks organic storage spots to stow away freshly washed clothes (or the things you find in the pockets of said freshly washed clothes). To that end, we selected nine products from The Home Depot that will make your laundry room as pristine as the garments that come out of there—and make doing laundry (dare we say it?) enjoyable.


ClosetMaid Selectives 14.5 in. D x 25 in. W x 82.5 in. H White Custom Laminate Closet System Organizer

You know what helps to ensure things just don't end up on the floor? Shelves—six shelves, to be exact. You can purchase two or three towers, and then add additional drawers to configure your space however you want it. Plus, the towers come in two sizes—25 inches and 16, so even if you'r working with a seriously tiny space, your clutter is covered.


Downy Ultra 129 oz. Clean Breeze Liquid Fabric Softener (150-Loads)

Cancel your random test washes and opt for Downy's liquid fabric softener. It helps fight static, reduces wrinkles, and smells downright heavenly, so maybe you can get away wearing something more than once or twice (maybe even three times, but don't push it).


GE Appliances 5.0 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Diamond Gray Top Load Washing Machine and Wi-Fi Connected with SmartDispense, ENERGY STAR

The start of the laundry room is obviously the washing machine, and this one means business. It has a simple, sleek design so it won't clash with any of your decor goals while also meeting federal efficiency guidelines for energy and money savings. Plus, it features Smart Dispense, which holds enough detergent for up to 48 loads and auto-dispenses the right amount at the right time. In addition to the Smart Dispense, it has a Water Station inside with a faucet that dispenses water and detergent to pre-wash your clothes as well.


Tide 150oz. Clean Breeze HE Liquid Laundry Detergent (96-Loads)

Nobody really loves washing clothes, but using Tide detergent makes it less painful with its HE Turbo Clean technology that cuts your cleaning time down in half—while giving your clothes the best scrub ever. It will keep your clothes looking clean and smelling extra fresh (even if you washed them a week ago).


GE Appliances 7.4 cu. ft. 240 Volt Diamond Gray Electric Vented Dryer with Steam and Wi-Fi Connected, ENERGY STAR

You can't have a fancy pants washer without its accompanying fancy pants dryer, right? In addition to meeting all the energy saving guidelines like its washing counterpart, it allows you to set your own preferred cycle settings and stores them for the next time—instead of relying on the default ones that take a century to dry your clothes.


Liberty 27 in. White and Satin Nickel Tri-Hook Rack

While your dirty clothes are busy getting a little fluff and fold, it's time to focus on the remainder of the space. These hooks are ideal for hanging up your coat, backpacks, umbrellas, or towels. Plus, they have a super classic look, and fit in with basically any aesthetic you have going on in your laundry room.


Sterilite Storage Containers

We all know that in addition to washing clothes, the laundry room is the equivalent of the island of misfit toys. Sterilite has a range of stackable clear storage containers from shoe-box size to huge bins and tubs with heavy-duty latches and see-through lids so you can see what's inside. Plus, they are available in special seasonal colors to follow along with your aesthetic throughout the entire year.

HDX 48 in. W x 72 in. H x 18 in. D Decorative Wire Chrome Heavy Duty Shelving Unit

Achieve an effortlessly clean look with this heavy duty shelving unit that you could honestly put in the laundry room, your bedroom, or anywhere else in your home that you need a little more help getting organized. Plus, it's NSF certified for your dry food storage needs AKA it's your new snack spot.

ClosetMaid 24 in. W x 19 in. H White Laminate 15-Cube Organizer

Finally, a home for your shoes that isn't right next to your front door (or just chilling in random spots around your house). This cute and versatile organizer—that also comes in six cube and nine cube variations—is such an easy fix to your clutter problem that also acts as trendy room decor.