10 Brilliant RV Bathroom Organization and Storage Tips

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When you Go RVing, space is limited—often just 150 to 400 square feet. And it's tighter still in areas like the bathroom. Some RVs have a separate toilet and shower areas, and some smaller rigs have wet-baths where the bathroom itself is the shower, which drains through the floor. So as you can imagine, when quarters are tight, storage and organization simply have to be smart.


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Here are 10 savvy ways to maximize your bathroom space.

Under-sink storage can be maximized with a few simple upgrades. Tiered, rolling shelves can help you utilize as much of the bathroom cabinet space as possible. Or, just as you would in the kitchen, look to the back of the cabinet door. It's ideal for a mounted waste basket, which you don't want to look at anyway.


Over the door hooks are perfect for towels, robes, laundry bags, a change of clothes, and anything else that needs to be stored up and off the ground. You can mount racks on both sides of the door to double your hanging real estate.

Towel rods can be placed almost anywhere in an RV, including the back of the bathroom door. Hanging containers can house all sorts of small but necessary bathroom products, like medicine, nail clippers, first aid items, brushes, and razors.


One-inch shower curtain rings—with clips—will help your shower rod do double duty. Regularly used toiletries, in particular those in tubes, can be clipped to your existing shower rod with no sacrifice of additional storage space.

A roller shade can be mounted to the ceiling and pulled down to floor level to help create some privacy in a slightly larger bathroom, perfect if you don't have many other options in the RV to get dressed.


Multi-purpose dispensers will reduce the amount of bottles you need to store upright or in drawers, and can even add a spa-like feel to your petite bathing area.

Cargo nets or woven nylon hammocks can go just about anywhere. That "dead space" high in the corner above the toilet? If you install a small hammock or cargo net, it's not so dead anymore. Seldom used items, or extra rolls of toilet paper, can be safely stowed high and away, even when you're in motion.


Mesh shoe racks allow—and this is key—plenty of ventilation in a high moisture environment like a bathroom. They can hang from a shower rod, facing into the shower, and easily house every toiletry imaginable.

Rubber boating straps can be mounted on almost any vertical surface to store small, wayward bathroom items. Many thanks to our boating brethren for the inspiration.


Shower storage is a no-brainer. Shower caddies are a must in small spaces, whether or not you're in an RV. The best ones hold all the daily use items—face and body wash, shampoo, conditioner—securely on shelves and have hooks for the associated loofahs and washcloths.

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