7 Ways to Make Your RV Feel Like Home

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Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz claimed that "there's no place like home," but clearly she'd never been in an RV. Because if she had, she would have known that one of the beauties of traveling in an RV is that you can re-create the comforts of home while out on the open road. A win-win situation for wanderlust souls who are still homebodies at heart.


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Before you go, identify your most treasured daily rituals — whether it's enjoying a morning cup of coffee, listening to music while cooking dinner, or snuggling in to read at night. Then make sure all the raw ingredients and small details that make those moments what they are — from the scents to the textures to the sounds — are right there in your RV as well. Voilà! A home away from home.

Lead with your nose

It's true, the nose knows — and smell is a powerful reminder of home. A diffuser with your favorite scent is an easy, mild way to make an RV smell like it's yours. But you can also use scented candles, incense or palo santo, or even a cohesive (or at least complementary) suite of bath and kitchen products made with aromatherapy in mind (think Mrs. Meyers).

Think green

Plants are never not a good idea. Not only do they help clean the air, they can also improve well-being and reduce anxiety and stress. And they don't have to be fancy — think easy-care succulents. A snake plant in a simple stone pot fits any decor, is of-the-moment, and thrives on neglect. If you're a cook, a mini-herb garden near a window is a no-brainer.

From the ground up

Reupholstering probably isn't in the cards, but you can still establish a strong design aesthetic underfoot with some strategically placed, smaller-scale rugs. Layer for maximum effect.


Pillows, pillows everywhere

We all know that one of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to spruce up a space is to add accent pillows. For an RV, opt for a range of versatile sizes, from big, firm floor pillows that can double as backrests for the bed to small lumbar pillows that can slip into the driver's seat on long hauls. Pick a palette or general style (boho, minimalist, floral) and run with it.

Bring the bed with you

I'll admit that one of the best parts of traveling is coming home to my memory foam mattress. Invariably, I sleep like a baby that first night back. Luckily, with an RV, you can bring it with you — in the form of a mattress topper. Add real down pillows and crisp cotton sheets and you won't be missing any shut eye on the road.

The sound of music

Good speakers make for great experiences. If you want an immersive movie night or simply the joy of listening to your favorite tunes while you prep dinner, a high-quality set of speakers (think: surround sound) makes all the difference. (Bonus if it's all Bluetooth-enabled and connected to all your devices.)


Everything but the kitchen sink (the RV already has one!)

Everything, as in, real water and wine glasses, ceramic mugs, and quality cutlery — even cloth napkins. Meals on the road can and should still feel like sit-down events, not some long, extended picnic. Ditch the plastic and the paper and make mealtime high-quality together time, as it was meant to be.