9 Mirror Backsplash Ideas

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Whether you are inspired by the mirrored walls of a vintage, French café or just want to add the illusion of more space to your small kitchen, a mirrored backsplash might be just the answer to your design woes. Mirrored accents can work with a variety of different aesthetics, while creating dimension, emphasizing texture, reflecting natural light, and bonus — they 're also easy to clean, which is a must for any design element in the kitchen. Here, 10 ways you can incorporate a mirrored backsplash into your beautiful kitchen design.


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1. Play with colored mirror to complement your palette.

Colored mirror can be lot of fun to work with in any space. While it doesn't do much to visually amplify your interior, it still reflects the light — which is nice in a smaller kitchen. The best part about opting for colored mirror is that you can select a hue that will work in coordination with your color palette, adding a richness and warmth that a plain mirror cannot.


2. Use mirror to reflect significant design features.

Do you have a unique mosaic accent wall, stunning mural, or gorgeous wallcovering that you just can't get enough of? Well luckily for you, mirror is a great way to reflect that design feature without having to actually use the same element throughout. This design technique allows the spatial flow to continue, uninterrupted, while also adding texture and diversity to your kitchen.


3. Experiment with an abstract design.

Get creative, and think outside of the box! Make your mirrored backsplash just as unique as you are by opting for something a little abstract.


4. Mirrors provide the perfect backdrop for bright colors.

Further brighten your culinary space with a mirrored backsplash to help reflect the bright colors you adore. Natural light and fresh flowers will also add to the happy chic vibes in your kitchen, making it a place everyone loves to congregate.


5. Mosaic tile adds a dynamic touch.

When using a mirrored backsplash, don't shy away from mosaic tile. It's such a great way to weave a dynamic visual element into your kitchen design. With such a wide variety of patterns and mirror finishes available to help you add a bit of glitz to your space, the sky is the limit. TileBar features an impressive selection of mirrored tiles from the expressive to the subtle, some of which incorporate Carrera marble.


6. Carry your mirrored backsplash onto the cabinets.

Why should the backsplash get all of the fun? A mirrored cabinet inset is an elegant decorative accent in its own right. And when used in combination with a gorgeous mirrored backsplash, reflective cabinet insets can really tie your design together in a beautifully cohesive manner.


7. Pair a mirrored backsplash with metallics.

Pair your mirrored backsplash with polished chrome and stainless steel appliances, fixtures, and accents for a bright, unified look that truly gleams.


8. Opt for mirrored subway tile.

A reflective spin on a timeless classic, you can't go wrong with mirrored subway tile. It works with any kitchen aesthetic, and instantly adds an element of sophistication that you won't regret. The Tile Shop offers a beveled-mirror subway tile with an antique finish that is quite lovely.

9. Explore the beauty of antique mirror.

Whether your kitchen feels like an Art Nouveau-café or a rustic cottage in the countryside, antique mirror is the perfect decorative accent to bring your design to life. Beautiful when paired with distressed wood millwork, antique mirror can also be a surprising twist in an ultra modern kitchen. However you opt to use the vintage-looking material, prepare for a flurry of never-ending compliments.