5 Trends We're Excited to Try This Fall (and 5 We're Ready to End)

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As fall officially gets underway, a lot of the trends you're used to seeing are reaching their expiration date — which would be sad, except a whole bunch of new and invigorating styles are beginning to take their place. We've made this transition easy by listing the five looks making headway, and the five aesthetics losing steam. In other words, it's the perfect time to glance around your home and take stock of what can use an update as the temperatures cool.


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1. Botanical Wallpaper

Botanical prints — think big, leafy greens and flowing florals — are huge right now. In fact, they've gone from popping up as accents to showing up as full-on statement wallpaper. This trend is particularly great if you have a space in your home that could use more definition, like a hallway or mudroom.

2. Modern Farmhouse

The natural textures and homespun qualities of a traditional farmhouse aesthetic are getting a modern makeover and it's all kinds of gorgeous. To keep from leaning too far rustic, stick to sleek silhouettes and modern colors — like black and white — to ensure a contemporary farmhouse feel.

3. Stripes

Stripes of all forms are showing up in homes far and wide, and while they're ultra-fresh now, they also have a timeless quality that makes them a stellar choice for an update. You can opt for just a few striped accents or go bigger with an area rug. Either way, your home will be happier for it.


4. Modern Victorian

A far cry from the minimalism that's been so prevalent in recent seasons, modern Victorian style is all about mixing ornate vintage pieces with more contemporary items for a layered look that's rich in nostalgia.

5. Tech-Free Sanctuaries

People are more and more exhausted by constant online connection, and it's showing in interior trends — homes are starting to feature designated tech-free sanctuaries where people can disconnect and recharge. And there's really no better place to create this type of retreat than the bedroom.

1. Copper Finishes

Copper finishes have been big for a while, but it appears that they're beginning to run their course. Consider swapping your copper items for vintage brass, which is super hot right now and happens to be a great complement to the aforementioned modern Victorian aesthetic.

2. Geometric Wallpaper

The hard lines and solid shapes of geometric patterns are losing steam, making way for more organic patterns ( like botanical prints ) to have their moment. And there's no better time to outfit your home with leafy accents than during the crisp days of fall.


3. Cowhide Rugs

If you're currently working with a cowhide rug, it might be time to store it away for another season. With respect to interior trends, these rugs have had their moment, so think about updating your floor with a more animal-friendly alternative, like a kilim rug.

4. Midcentury Pieces

The midcentury aesthetic has had a long, gorgeous reign at the top, but it looks like that run is coming to a close. At least for now. Of course, you don't have to get rid of your beloved midcentury pieces due to a trend change, but if you're looking for an update, adding some detailed vintage decor is a fresh way to do it.

5. Color Blocking

Color blocking was a great way to add visual interest to a minimal aesthetic, but now that farmhouse-chic and modern Victorian are taking over, it can appear awkward and out of place. It's time to choose just one shade for your walls and furnishings.


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