6 TikTok Home Design Trends That Are Becoming Outdated, According to Designers

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There's no doubt that TikTok is an excellent source of home design inspo. The platform is home to ​millions​ of projects and hacks, making it easy to curate ideas for your very own space. In fact, TikTok (or "decortok," if you will) is so influential that it's become the literal springboard for design trends in general.


The only drawback? It can be easy to get lost in a TikTok rabbit hole, especially when it comes to popular home design crazes. Plus, some trends might seem to stay trendy on TikTok, only to lose their luster and longevity in real life.

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Luckily, it's possible to create a "decortok" replica in your own home. Start by considering these outdated TikTok design trends, according to interior designers, and go from there.

1. Too Much Rattan

"Rattan has definitely made a comeback, but some [TikTokers] are going a bit overboard and truly channeling the '70s," says Linda Hayslett, designer and founder of LH.Designs. That said, rattan has had its run — but it ​is​ possible to make it timeless. "Integrate different pieces and styles to make it look interesting, because that's what boho style really is: fun, energetic, collected items that make a space feel unique and cool," Hayslett tells Hunker.


2. Repetitive Neutral Decor Accessories

TikTok is no stranger to trendy neutral decorations. And while the look can certainly be chic and stylish, it's slowly phasing out. After all, as Hayslett points out, TikTokers have been using the same exact items … over and over again. Examples include "the large pampas beige grass in large white vases, knitted light gray throws, and black decor with the same exact [abstract] candlestick holders," she notes. These pieces, though beautiful, are often styled in a cookie cutter setup, ultimately restricting the personality of your space.


3. Modern Farmhouse Design

Modern farmhouse is all over TikTok, but it's time for the trend to retire. "We all wanted to channel our inner Joanna Gaines with shiplap and rustic accents, but it's rarely done correctly," says Lauren DeBello, principal designer and founder of Lauren DeBello Interiors. Instead, cottagecore is taking its place. "I see this style as a great way to make a new house feel like a home​,​ while bringing in a little more color and whimsy than you might see with modern farmhouse [designs]," DeBello tells Hunker.



4. Desert-Colored Painted Headboard Arches

"Painting your own headboard can make a space fun and help save [money], but I keep seeing the same colored arches on TikTok," shares Hayslett. Specifically, there have been a lot of arches in sunset oranges, olive greens, and creamy beiges (aka warm desert vibes) on the platform, which are beginning to lose personality. To make the trend your own, Hayslett recommends choosing a less conventional color (like a pretty plum) or even adding a contrasting shape (like a rectangle) within the arch.


5. Hexagon Tiles With Starburst Lines

"Since the pandemic [began], bathrooms have been a big focus for many projects. But the fad of using large hexagon tiles that are black, blue, or green with starburst lines have been popping up everywhere in people's before-and-after videos [on TikTok]," Hayslett says. And while these tiles make for a fun visual, they can be a lot to take in, especially given the smaller size of standard bathrooms. As a result, this tile style is on its way out, says Hayslett, especially as more unique (and simpler) tile designs gain traction.


6. Ephemeral Pink Bathrooms

"Currently, we're seeing a big trend [of] pink bathrooms all over TikTok, reminiscent of bathrooms built in the '50s and '60s," DeBello explains. And while there's nothing wrong with using the color — especially if it's truly your all-time favorite hue — DeBello recommends skipping the trend if you're only attracted to its popularity. In this case, she suggests choosing more timeless materials, like a spunky tile or wallpaper. You can also incorporate "a neutral backdrop while bringing in more current trends with [easily replaceable] accessories," says DeBello.



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