Can I Wallpaper a Shower Stall?

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When considering different materials for your shower stall, it's likely a high-moisture-resistance quality is at the top of your list. This means you may immediately write off wallpaper as unsuitable material for a shower stall. But if you choose the right kind of shower wallpaper, you can actually wallpaper your shower stall in a practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing way.



Contrary to popular belief, you can wallpaper a shower stall, provided you choose the right type of wallpaper and follow the correct prep and installation steps.

Best Shower Stall Materials

There are many different options for your shower walls. The most common tend to be tiles, marble sheeting or waterproof paint. All of these offer different aesthetics to your bathroom. But one option you may overlook for your shower stalls is wallpaper. While traditional wallpapers aren't water-resistant enough to withstand this area, there are wallpaper options that are suitable for a more moist environment.


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Wallpaper in Shower Stalls

If you do choose to wallpaper your shower stall, it's important you choose the right kind of wallpaper. Look for moisture-resistant options made from materials such as vinyl, fiberglass or PVC. These wallpapers will not allow moisture to permeate and can be easily wiped down after contact with water. Waterproof wallpaper comes in a huge range of patterns and colors, meaning you can really customize the look of your bathroom.


There are different types of vinyl wallpaper out there. Some are made by adding a coat of vinyl over the top of traditional wallpaper. This may be suitable for use in the bathroom, but when it comes to inside the shower stall, it's better to go for solid vinyl wallpaper. Remember to check what your wallpaper is made of before installation.

You need to make sure your shower stall wallpaper is highly wash-resistant, so review the manufacturer's information. You should also ensure that you have enough wallpaper to cover the area entirely; otherwise, you may have to pause your job halfway through and try to find more.


Prepping Your Shower Stall

To prep your shower stall before installing wallpaper, first check to see whether the surface of the wall is as even as possible and use spackle to fill in any larger gaps. You should then thoroughly clean and dry your stall. Any moisture trapped underneath your wallpaper will be prone to causing issues with mold and mildew down the line.


Next, apply a mold-resistant primer across the entire area. This will help smooth the area and prevent mold growth. Take adequate safety precautions when working with primers and paints, like wearing a respirator and gloves and opening a window or otherwise ensuring the room is well ventilated.

Wallpapering Your Shower Stall

You'll need to determine whether your wallpaper of choice is self-adhesive or requires wallpaper paste. If you need a separate adhesive, go for a mold-resistant option. Apply some extra paste around the edges of the area you're wallpapering. Apply your vinyl wallpaper, working from left to right, and ensure it's flush with the wall by gently pressing with a roller.


Keep your bathroom well ventilated to allow your walls to dry and don't use your shower for a few days after wallpapering. To keep your wallpaper looking as fresh as possible, clean your shower regularly and make sure you allow steam to escape from your shower after use.




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