What Kind of Paint Can You Use on Bathtubs?

Before you spend time and money tearing out that old, tired-looking bathtub, consider painting it. Yes, painting it. Refinishing your bathtub is not very difficult, but selecting the right kind of paint is crucial.


Because bathtubs are exposed to water and daily wear and tear, the paint most recommended for use in refinishing one is an EP-acrylic paint with a glossy finish.


EP is an acrylic polymer coating that is designed to adhere strongly to surfaces, thereby producing a durable and long-lasting finish.


The paint can be rolled on, but the recommended method for application is a high-powered paint sprayer. This produces the smoothest and most even finish.


If you purchase the product in spray cans, color choices are limited to just a few standard ones, such as beige, white and gray. Custom color matching is available through some manufacturers when purchased by the gallon.


Since the success of the application relies heavily on the paint's ability to adhere to the surface of the tub, it is important that the tub be completely clean and free from grease. Depending on the type of tub you have, sanding and/or applying a chemical bonding agent may be recommended prior to applying paint.