Whirlpool Stove F5 Error

While you're using the oven on a Whirlpool stove or range, an "F5" error code may appear on the user information screen. In such a case, the oven will stop operating. The error code may indicate a repair is required for the oven, and this may require replacement parts. But it's possible, as well, that a simple cleaning can get the oven operating again. Use observation and multiple troubleshooting techniques to see if you can rectify the "F5" error yourself.


The oven will beep five times as the "F5" error flashes on the screen. On some models the error could appear as "F-5." This error a door-latch error; it indicates that the oven door is not properly shut.

Quick Fix

Pull open your oven door and examine the latch. When the oven is cool, use a screwdriver to tighten the screws the latch is attached with. Move the latch back and forth to make sure it moves properly or is not loose. Shut the oven door and listen to see if the latch clicks or closes securely. Unplug the oven for 30 seconds to reset the code. Plug it back in, and the code will disappear. If it reappears, then this is not the solution.


Make sure all the oven controls are in the "Off" position. Pull the door halfway open so it hangs and you can access the latch. Grease and other things may get caught in the latch, causing it to become jammed. Soak a clean rag in hot water and squeeze it out so it remains damp. Rub the rag along the latch area until it becomes clean. Use a paper towel to dry the latch, then attempt to close the door to see if the error message reappears.

Latch Replacement

If none of the other solutions work, you likely need to replace your Whirlpool oven latch. Use a repair parts website and your oven model number to find the proper latch. Prices range from $10 to $30 depending on the latch type. If your oven is still covered by Whirlpool warranty, contact Whirlpool's customer service to get a replacement part.

Latch Installation

Follow the part directions to install the new latch part. The repair is usually simple. It requires removing two screws, pulling out the metal cover piece and removing the latch from the oven. Use your manual for diagrams and directions for replacing the oven latch.

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