Whirlpool Stove F5 Error

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There can be several reasons why you are getting an F5 error with your stove.
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A Whirlpool stove can be a wonderful appliance, but even good equipment can develop problems and need troubleshooting and maintenance. To enter Whirlpool oven diagnostic mode, make sure the oven is not in cooking, broiling or cleaning mode, then press CANCEL/OFF, then CANCEL/OFF again, then START. Whirlpool stoves show error codes in the display when something is wrong with three possible types of code: three letters, a letter and a number or a four-digit combination of two letter-and-number sets. Most F5 error codes are of the four-digit type, but there is a two-digit F5 code as well.

Whirlpool Stove F5 Error

A two-digit Whirlpool F5 code is a control board failure, according to Appliance Parts Pros, and the control board will need to be replaced.

A four-digit F5 code will be of the format F5 EX, where X is a number between 0 and 7. All of these indicate a problem with the latching mechanism, generally indicating that the oven door is not shutting properly.

Whirlpool F5 Code Meanings

The error codes correspond to the following issues:

  • F5 E0: The door switches do not agree, e.g., the door switch is closed, indicating an open door, and the latch switch is closed, indicating a locked door.
  • F5 E1: The self-clean latch will not lock or unlock.
  • F5 E2: There is a latch error during clean mode.
  • F5 E5: The self-clean temperature has not been reached within 45 minutes of starting the cycle.
  • F5 E6: The door is open, but the latch is locked.
  • F5 E7: The self-clean latch will not unlock.

Addressing Whirlpool F5 Errors

To address these issues, first unplug the oven power cord or turn off the circuit breaker before inspecting and cleaning the latch.

Next, try securing and cleaning the latch. Pull the oven door partway open so you can access the latch. Move the latch back and forth to make sure it is secured properly and moving well. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws attaching the latch.

To make sure grease or other substances are not jamming the latch, clean it with a rag soaked in hot water then squeezed out until it's damp. Rub the latch mechanism to remove grease and grit, then dry the assembly with a paper towel. Close the oven door and listen closely to check if the latch clicks shut or closes securely. Plug the oven back in and see if the code is still there.

Troubleshooting Continued Problems

If the F5 code is still there, disconnect the power again. If the door is latched, check the wires and connectors from the control to the door switch, then from the door switch to the control. Check for loose wires or wire harnesses and any damage to the wires or connectors.

If the door is not latched, make sure the power is disconnected, then check wires and connectors from the control to the latch switch, then from the latch switch to the control. Repeat for the door switch. Replace if any damage is found.

Persistent F5 Errors

If corrections were made at any step, reconnect the power and check if the issue has been addressed. Press and hold any key for one minute to clear the error code, and an F2 code should appear. Press CANCEL and observe the stove for one minute to see if the F5 error reappears.

If the error persists, it's time to replace the latch. If your oven is still covered by the Whirlpool warranty, contact Whirlpool's customer service for a replacement part. If your oven is no longer under warranty, check your Whirlpool oven model number and order the appropriate latch from a repair parts website. Installing a new latch is usually simple.

Follow the directions provided with the part and refer to your Whirlpool oven's manual for diagrams and directions. This usually involves just removing two screws, pulling out the metal cover piece and replacing the latch mechanism, before putting everything back.


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