How to Remove the F9 Code From Maytag

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Maytag ovens come with a set of fault codes to diagnose errors with the appliance. The codes all feature the "F#" format and range from "0" to "9." The "F9" error appears when there is a malfunction with the oven door latch. The error is often a simple glitch that requires little maintenance to repair and get your oven operating normally again.

Step 1

Hold on the "Start/Stop" button for 10 seconds. This will end the beeping. Unplug the oven for 30 seconds and plug it back in to clear the flashing error code from the screen. If you try to operate your oven again, the error code will appear so do not use any of the oven's functions.


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Step 2

Open the oven door and check the door latch. If it wiggles, it needs to be tightened. Use a screwdriver to tighten the latch to the base of the door.

Step 3

Spray a little WD-40 onto a washcloth and scrub off any rust or debris on the latch. Check around the door of the oven to clean off any debris that prevents the door from shutting completely.


Step 4

Press the oven door shut gently. Listen for the door to click close and lock into place. If you do not hear the click, put pressure near the latch of the door until it clicks.

Step 5

Test the oven. If the error appears again, there is a short in the lock assembly and you need to replace the clock assembly on the oven. Use your oven product number to find replacement parts and warranty information from Maytag Customer Service.



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