How to Troubleshoot the KitchenAid Superba Range

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There are several troubleshooting steps you can take to fix your range.
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The Kitchen Aid Superba stove is a convection oven with upper and lower ovens, a control lock, timed cooking, self-cleaning, clock, Sabbath mode and broiling, among other features. A KitchenAid Superba range can be purchased online or in select stores, and it should function well with normal care and maintenance. Nevertheless, if problems arise with the range, KitchenAid Superba stove troubleshooting steps may prove to be helpful when it comes to determining the cause of the issue and locating a potential solution as well.


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KitchenAid Superba Stove Troubleshooting

If nothing on the KitchenAid Superba range will function, examine the household circuit breaker or fuses. Reset or replace as necessary, and verify that the range is completely plugged into a power outlet. Also check to see if the Sabbath mode is activated, which will allow the oven to bake, but it will disable the oven from other cooking and cleaning cycles.


If these troubleshooting tips don't work, you may need to make sure that your Kitchen Aid Superba stove is properly wired.

Reset Operation with Start Button

Hold the "Start" button for five seconds to release the control lock if the unit has power but nothing will operate. Hold the "Start" button for five seconds to set the control lock again.


Proper Control Settings

Ensure the controls have been set for the oven if the control lock is not set and the unit has power but the oven is not heating or operating as expected. Do not select a "Timed Delay" start if you desire immediate cooking.


Because the KitchenAid Superba range is a double oven model, make sure you've selected the the correct setting for "upper oven" or "lower oven," depending on which one you want to use for cooking.

Calibrating Oven Temperature

Calibrate the oven temperature if the temperature seems inaccurate. Press "Options" and then "6" to set the oven temperature calibration. Select "Upper Oven" or "Lower Oven" and then "3" to increase the oven temperature or "6" to decrease the oven temperature. Press "Start" to confirm the selection.


Self-Cleaning Option Doesn't Work

Close the oven door securely; if the door is slightly ajar, the self-cleaning cycle will not start. Select "Self Cleaning Cycle," but if the cycle doesn't start, double-check to make sure you haven't selected the "Delay" self-cleaning option.


Because the Kitchen Aid Superba stove is a double oven model, you cannot use one oven if the other oven is in the self-cleaning cycle.

Cooking Results Aren't Right

Allow the oven to preheat prior to placing items in the oven if the oven seems to take a long time to heat or for items to cook. Position the racks evenly in the oven and do not block the vents with bakeware. Make sure the oven is set to the proper cooking temperature and there's good air circulation around bakeware.

Do not open the door during cooking, if possible. Even taking a quick peek to check cooking progress can release heat from the oven and extend the cooking time.