How to Reset the Code on a Maytag Oven

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The error codes on your oven let you know what the problem is.
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Many Maytag ovens feature an electric control panel that makes it easy to program various cooking and cleaning cycles, set precise oven temperatures and even lock the control panel for safety purposes. The control panel may also display error codes that can alert you to a problem with the oven's functionality. Some error codes require simple solutions, like a Maytag oven control panel reset, whereas others indicate the need to call an appliance repair technician.


Identifying Maytag Error Codes

If you no longer have your Maytag oven manual to consult, you can still troubleshoot the problem by understanding the meaning of some common error codes. For information specific to your particular oven, consider performing a Maytag model number lookup to access an online version of your owner's manual. Otherwise, identify which type of oven you own, because at least two different fault code groups exist for Maytag ovens: Gemini models and all other Maytag oven models.


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First, Reset the Oven Display

Before you get too worried about an error code, the Maytag owner's manual recommends clearing the display by pressing Cancel. The error code may itself be an error! If the code reappears, then you know a persistent problem exists with your oven.


Gemini Maytag Oven Manual Codes

The error codes displayed by a Gemini Maytag oven typically indicate a problem with the temperature sensor, keypad or oven latch. In most cases, these components need to be replaced and the issue will not be resolved with a Maytag oven control panel reset.


Various oven temperature sensor issues are noted by error codes F1-1, F1-2, F1-3, F1-4, F1-L, F3-1 and F3-2. Make sure nothing is physically interfering with the temperature sensor and replace it as soon as possible if needed to avoid overheating problems. The keypad needs to be replaced or repaired if the oven displays code F1-5, F1-6, F1-7 or F1-8.

Finally, investigate the door latch mechanism if your Gemini Maytag oven shows fault codes F1-A, F1-B, F1-C, F1-D, F9-1, F9-2, F9-3, F9-4, F9-5 or F9-6.


Other Maytag Oven Codes

On a Maytag model with clock type C or D, the easiest error code to resolve is F6. Simply turn off the oven, unplug it for five minutes, and then plug it back in and restart. Also, make sure the fuse wasn't tripped at the circuit breaker and that the outlet provides the correct voltage for the oven.


Code F9 indicates a problem with the door latch, so first take a look at the latching mechanism to ensure it's not loose. If it seems to be in proper working order, then the electrical relay may need to be fixed so that the oven recognizes when the latch is in place.

Codes F3 and F4 on these Maytag models point to a problem with the temperature sensor. F1, F2, F5, F7 and F8 highlight issues with the keypad or electrical relays and should be investigated by an appliance repair technician. Finally, error code F0 means that the oven's cancel button no longer works, and due to the danger this poses, the oven should be unplugged until it can be fixed by a professional.


Resetting a Flashing Display

If your Maytag oven is flashing the time, a power failure has occurred. Reset the time by pressing Clock and then entering the correct time using the temperature control plus and minus keys. Lock in the time by pressing Clock or Start.

PUSH or PSH Display

One other message that you may see on your oven's control panel is PUSH or PSH. This is nothing to worry about — it simply reminds you to press the Start button after beginning to set up a function like Bake or Broil. If you fail to press Start after one minute, the oven will cancel the input.



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