How to Get GE Oven to Stop Beeping

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It is fairly easy to stop the beeping on your oven.
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Having a working oven is a crucial aspect of a well-run kitchen. If your GE oven won't stop beeping or your GE oven is beeping every minute, you may be confused and unsure what to do next. Fortunately, it's fairly straightforward to troubleshoot your appliance, provided you follow some basic safety considerations.


GE Oven Keeps Beeping

If an oven keeps beeping, there's likely an underlying issue. First, check to be sure your oven isn't too hot to touch. If it is, either because you have been baking or broiling or due to the fact that it's malfunctioning, be sure to let it cool before you touch anything other than the control panel.


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The next step to determine why your GE oven is beeping every minute is to take a look at the cooking timer. It is possible that you set a cooking timer and the time has elapsed. The timer beeps to alert you that your cooking time is up. On many models, the beeping will continue periodically to remind you to remove your food from the oven, since the timer does not turn the oven off.

Checking for an Oven Malfunction

If the cooking timer is not on, it's likely there is a problem with the oven's settings. To access this part of the control panel, press "BAKE" and the "HI/LO" buttons at the same time. This will change the display to "SF."


From there, you can push the kitchen timer button, which will make the code "BEEP" appear on the display. Push "START." This should fix issues with the settings for the kitchen timer and make the beeping stop (until the next time you use the kitchen timer).

Other Oven Issues

The preheating alert on your oven is most likely a beep to indicate that the oven has reached the desired temperature. If this beeping noise continues after the oven has reached the temperature you set it for, there may be an issue with the temperature gauge.


Along similar lines, if the oven beeps after you have turned it off, the control panel or temperature gauge may be erroneously indicating that the oven is overheating or at temperature. If the GE oven probe is beeping, it's best to call a certified GE technician who can troubleshoot and replace more complicated parts of the appliance. You most likely need a new oven probe, in this instance.

GE Oven Error Codes

There are a number of error codes on a GE oven that may alert owners to specific issues through beeps. According to GE, simply unplugging the oven or turning off the circuit breaker may be a strategy to get the oven to reset itself. Resetting the oven in this way should make the beeping stop.


If this is not effective, you should call a technician to look at your oven. They will know best how to troubleshoot in a way that is safe, and other issues will require replacement parts that are specific to the appliance model you have. An experienced repairperson will be able to point you in the right direction.



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