How to Change Color on a Cultured Marble Countertop

A cultured marble countertop gives your kitchen or bathroom the simple elegance evocative of organic marble, with a greater degree of practicality. Cultured marble is a blend of crushed limestone and fiberglass resin. Unlike natural marble, cultured marble is completely waterproof, strong and very difficult to chip. At the same time, it's not indestructible and can become scratched or stained over time. A quick fix for this is changing the color of the countertop by camouflaging all the flaws with paint.


Step 1

Dab a soft cloth with warm distilled water and run it gently over the surface of the cultured marble. Follow with a dry cloth. Allow the surface to fully air-dry.

Step 2

Place a sheet of 150-grit sandpaper in an electric sander and run it across the surface area of the cultured marble. Wipe down the counters with a tack cloth to remove the dust from sanding.

Step 3

Tape off any areas you don't want to cover with paint, using painter's tape. Spray primer especially designed for stone and marble across the surface area of the countertop. Make even, back-and-forth strokes. Allow the primer to dry completely.

Step 4

Spray the marble with a paint that is compatible with cultured marble surfaces. Select any shade you like. Make even, uniform movements with the spray can, being sure not to over-saturate any one area more than the others. Allow the paint to dry, and then follow with a second coat.

Step 5

Pour a few inches of polymer resin into a paint roller pan. Dip your paint roller into the resin and apply it to your countertops, using a paint roller. This will properly seal the paint.