Painting on Quartz

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It is possible to paint quartz countertops.
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Quartz countertops are extremely sought-after and provide attractive and durable surfaces for your kitchen. You may wish to avoid painting on quartz countertops for these reasons. However, if the countertops are damaged or if you are repurposing the countertops, you might want to give them new life with a coat of paint. If proper preparations are taken, it is possible to paint quartz countertops.


Before You Paint Quartz

Since replacing countertops can be extremely expensive, some homeowners may want to paint their counters to fix damage or give their home a new look. Quartz is very expensive and tends to hold up to wear and tear rather well. However, if you've decided to paint it so you can fix imperfections or if you are removing your quartz counters, painting them and using them elsewhere in your home, be sure to properly treat the material first.


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You will need to proceed as if the quartz countertops are made of metal to get an effective finish. Since the material is so hard and glossy, you'll likely have difficulty getting many types of paint to adhere to it.

To prep for your painting project, lay drop cloths on the floor of your kitchen. Then, tape off the edges of your countertops where they meet the cabinets and wall. Clean the countertops to ensure they are free of dust and debris before you get started as well. You can use 1 cup of trisodium phosphate mixed in 1 gallon of water to clean the quartz and then acetone to remove some of its glossy finish.


Prepping the Countertops

After the quartz is cleaned, use a piece of 220-grit sandpaper to buff the surface. This step is essential to ensure proper paint adhesion. Clean the countertops thoroughly of dust once you have finished.

If you have any imperfections in your quartz countertops that you plan to repair, now is the time. Use painter's putty to fill the holes and then sand it level with the counters. Once the putty has dried as outlined in the manufacturer's instructions, you can move on to priming.


Treating quartz as metal instead of as stone is the best way to ensure proper adhesion. Avoid using paint identified as quartz paint, since this is actually meant for exteriors. Use either a metal paint primer or polyurethane first. If you don't feel the coverage is as thorough as you prefer, rough the surface with sandpaper again and then add another coat of primer.

Selecting the Right Quartz Paint

Depending on the paint you've selected to finish your project, you might be working with an aerosol. If that's the case, make sure you have plenty of ventilation before you proceed. Automotive paints, which are designed for metals and can provide adequate coverage of quartz, may be sold as spray paint.


Either epoxy resins or polyurethane finishes are also durable choices that might work for your quartz countertops. Use a roller to apply a thin coat of paint and be sure that you have coated them evenly. Once the paint has dried completely, you can determine whether additional coats are necessary.

HGTV explains that painting your counters with a coat of clear acrylic is a good way to finish up, since it creates a durable seal. Once you've done so and removed your drop cloths and tape, be sure to clean the entire kitchen thoroughly before you use it again.



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