What Safety Tips Should I Use for My Compact Refrigerator?

Compact refrigerators are used in offices, college dorms and even some household kitchens. They also are ideal for campers or recreational vehicles. Compact refrigerators range from 1.5 to 6 cubic feet in capacity. As with any electrical appliance, there are some safety tips to keep in mind when using your compact refrigerator.

Correct Placement

Compact refrigerators can be placed on top of furniture or countertops, or the floor. Make sure that the piece of furniture you choose as a base is firm and can hold the weight of the refrigerator. Folding tables or chairs are too unstable and should never be used as a base.

Carefully supervise small children around compact refrigerators. Children who are shorter than the height of a countertop or table may try to pull on the open refrigerator door to see its contents.

If you are planning to leave your compact refrigerator at floor level, choose a space that is out of the line of traffic. A corner or under a large table are good spots, whereas next to a door or in a hallway creates a tripping hazard, especially with very small models.

The exterior surfaces of compact refrigerators have the potential to reach high temperatures, so avoid storing perishable food items or plants on top of or next to the appliance.

Proper Temperature

Your compact refrigerator will not work as efficiently if it sits in direct sunlight or is stored outside. Look for a model that is specifically designed for outdoor use if you need it on a deck or a porch.

When storing food inside or on the door of the refrigerator, check to ensure that the door closes fully. A door that is ajar will make the compressor work constantly as it attempts to maintain proper temperature.

Learn to set the gauge to the temperature you need. Choosing the highest setting may freeze everything you store inside, which is fine if you wish to use it as a mini freezer. However, certain medicines and foods require a lower temperature.

Regularly defrosting and cleaning your compact refrigerator not only helps it to run well, but also helps protect any furnishings around the appliance. Electrical outlets and power strips should be kept well out of the way of any potential drips or spills.

Place a tray underneath your compact refrigerator to protect your furniture or rug from liquid or condensation that may come from the refrigerator as you open and close it.

Ruth Taylor

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