What Does My Refrigerator Weigh?

Refrigerators weigh around 300 pounds, give or take 100 pounds, depending on the model. The bottom and top freezers, as well as side by side models, come closest to this average. A small model may be 245 pounds, a medium 315 pounds and a large 420 pounds, Movers.com notes. Compacts can weigh less than this range, around 75 pounds.


At the top end of the scale are the upscale built-ins, by Sub-Zero, Wolf and Viking. Bigger than freestanding models, a 36-inch model or 48-inch model may run 600 pounds, or up to 650 pounds, while a 30-inch may be 475 pounds.

Moving Day Considerations

Size and weight specifications come into play when you need to safely and affordably move your fridge. For example, a major maker's 27-cubic-foot French door model weighs 352 pounds, while its 18-cubic-foot, top-freezer model weighs just 199 pounds. While two movers can handle a fridge up to 22 cubic feet, you need either three movers or two movers with an appliance dolly or moving straps for larger models, up to 650 pounds. Top freezers are likely to be under 22 cubic feet; side-by-sides and French-door models may be right around 22 cubic feet or above this figure.