How to Move a Refrigerator to a Different Room

Moving a refrigerator from one room to another is not an easy task, given the weight and bulkiness of the appliance. Many refrigerators cost more than $1,000, making it worth your while to avoid damaging the equipment in transit. A careful approach to removing the refrigerator from its current location, taking precise measurements along the route you intend to use and gently moving it will minimize the risk of the fridge incurring damage during all the maneuvering.

Learn how to safely move your refrigerator to another room.

Step 1

Defrost the refrigerator, if you prefer, to prevent condensation from seeping on your floor during the moving process.

Step 2

Unplug the refrigerator and turn off the water line if applicable. Remove the tubing from the water line to the refrigerator.

Step 3

Remove all removable items from your refrigerator, including food, ice cube trays, shelves, drawers and anything on the exterior of the door, such as magnets.

Step 4

Remove the handles to ease navigation of the bulky refrigerator to the next room. Follow your refrigerator manufacturer's instructions for removing the handles.

Step 5

Take measurements. Measure the height and width of your refrigerator. Measure every doorway or narrow space through which you must move your refrigerator. Move any furniture or loose items out of the pathway you intend to take.

Step 6

Remove the refrigerator doors according to the manufacturer's instructions. Do this only if the width of your refrigerator is greater than the width of any doorways.

Step 7

Wrap a moving strap around the doors. Make sure that the strap is taut but not too tight to avoid damaging your doors.

Step 8

Prop the refrigerator up and onto a moving dolly with the assistance of another person. Wheel the dolly to the room where you are moving the refrigerator.

Step 9

Avoid laying the refrigerator on its side if at all possible. Laying your refrigerator on its side may damage it or cause it not to cool as well. Find the compressor and cooling lines and lay the refrigerator on the opposite side of them if you must lay the appliance on its side. Slide a box underneath the top of the refrigerator to try to keep the oil in the compressor. Push the refrigerator to the desired room with the aid of one to three other able-bodied people.

Step 10

Place the refrigerator in its new location in an upright position. Plug the refrigerator in after two hours if you moved it in an upright position or wait up to 24 hours if you moved it on its side. Attach the water tubing to the back of the refrigerator.