How to Replace the EOC on a Frigidaire

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If the electronic controls on your Frigidaire stovetop range are giving you trouble, you may not have to replace the oven entirely. Using just one or two replacement parts and a handful of common household tools, you can fix your appliance up as good as new in under 30 minutes.

How to Replace the EOC on a Frigidaire
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What Is an EOC?

An EOC, or electronic oven control, is a circuit board that works to control certain mechanical elements on stovetop ovens. Through a series of buttons, the board sends voltage to the oven's igniter, which triggers the heating elements that either bake or broil your food. Additionally, the electronic oven control panel is where the digital elements of the oven can be found, displaying the clock, timer and temperature functions that make your appliance convenient to use.

If your oven controls aren't working properly, and you've ruled out the possibility of a faulty igniter or lack of power reaching the range, you will likely need to repair part of your EOC. Or, you may need replace it entirely, which is quite easily done.

What You Will Need

To replace your electronic oven control, you will need a new EOC board and possibly an overlay to go along with it. To remove and replace these parts, be sure to have a pair of gloves on hand, along with a screwdriver and a putty knife or paint scraper. You can also use anything with a flat edge that can easily pry apart a surface. To make assembly a little easier on yourself, a digital camera or multicolored markers are suggested, but certainly not needed to complete replacement.

How to Replace

Keep in mind that this is a run-down of how to replace the EOC on an electric range. Gas range replacement might be a little different.

First thing's first: Unplug the oven and put on a pair of gloves to reduce the risk of any injuries. If your oven needs to be pulled out away from the wall to unplug from an outlet, you can set a piece of cardboard or an old towel down to reduce scraping against the kitchen floor. Now, unscrew the top panel on the back of the oven and remove it. Inside, you will see the oven control board and several, multi-colored wires. If you've never done this before, or worry that you might forget what goes where when it's time to reassemble, snap a quick pic with your phone or camera, or use light-colored markers to mark which wires go in which spots.

Disconnect the wires, remove any screws that have the EOC mounted, and then carefully remove the entire panel. Attach the overlay to the new EOC, either as a new part or from the existing overlay, and position the new set back in place, mounting it with screws. If your overlay is still functional, you can certainly reuse it to save money and resources. Just use a flat tool for prying if your overlay is from the old control board. Reconnect the wires, reattach the back panel and plug the range in to restore power.


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