How to Fix F06 on a Whirlpool Duet

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The Whirlpool Duet washing machine is an automatic, front-loading washer with automatic sensors for temperature control, water level and wash load size, as well as an electronic control panel and keypads. Errors with the washing machine will result in an error code that appears on the electronic control panel, such as "F06." The F06 error indicates an electronic communications problem with the washing machine, which may or may not be something that the user can fix, depending upon individual repair ability.


Step 1

Touch "Pause/Cancel" twice to cancel the F06 error on the display. Disconnect the Duet washing machine power cord from the outlet and wait one minute.

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Step 2

Plug the power cord back in and select a new wash cycle. Touch "Start" to begin the cycle.


Step 3

Press "Pause/Cancel" twice again if the F06 error code resumes. Remove the three screws along the bottom edge of the front access panel and pull the bottom of the panel away from the washer, allowing the top edge to slide down. Set the access panel aside.

Step 4

Find the wire harness connections located between the drive motor and motor control unit and unplug the motor winding harness. Use an ohmmeter to test the wires across pins 4 and 5, which should be between 118 and 121 ohms.


Step 5

Replace the motor if the reading is not between 118 and 121 ohms. If the reading is between 118 and 121 ohms, the wiring harness or main control will need to be replaced. Contact a service professional or Whirlpool for assistance.



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