How to Fix a GE Oven Showing Error F2

The "F2" error on a GE oven could appear at one of two times. It may appear when you are baking with the oven or while the oven is in "Cleaning Mode." The error code could just be a glitch or could indicate that a component needs to be replaced. When the error does occur, it can be frustrating because the oven will remain inoperable it's resolved, but it should not require the purchase of a completely new oven.

Step 1

Identify the error code to confirm it is indeed an "F2" error code. When it first appears, "F2" or "F-2" will flash on the LCD screen as the oven beeps twice. After that, it will shut down the oven, and "F2" will remain frozen on the screen.

Step 2

Unplug the oven for 30 seconds. Plug it back in and see if the error appears again. Sometimes glitches occur where the error randomly appears. If it does not appear again, continue normal oven operation.

Step 3

Check inside the oven for the relays, located on top near the broiler, if the error code still appears after performing a re-set. If the relays are damaged, you will need to replace the electronic oven control, referred to as the "ERC" in your owner's manual. If the relays look fine, move onto the next step.

Step 4

Check the oven temperature sensor. If any wires are exposed or it looks damaged, you will need to replace the part. This means that the temperature sensor is mis-reading the oven's heat and causing the "F2" error to appear.

Step 5

Find your oven's model number in your oven manual. If you cannot find it in there, open the oven door and look on the inside door frame for a sticker with the model information.

Step 6

Go to the GE Support website and use your model number to find the proper parts. Contact GE's help desk to locate the installation information. If you can understand and install the parts, then you do not need to contact an authorized repair technician.

Step 7

Check with GE Support on the status of your oven's warranty. If your oven is still covered, you will receive parts and a service call for free.

Alan Donahue

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