How to Troubleshoot an Oster Blender

Sometimes, nothing hits the spot after a hard day like a freshly blended margarita. Unfortunately, sometimes nothing can be more frustrating that discovering your Oster blender isn't working, and that margarita soon becomes only a memory. By learning some basic troubleshooting for your Oster blender, you can be sipping a refreshing frozen beverage in no time.


Step 1

Make sure your Oster blender is plugged into a working outlet if power is an issue. Plug it into another outlet to be sure.

Step 2

Select a power setting. Oster blenders require you to choose a power setting before you can blend anything. If you haven't selected a power setting, the blender will not start.

Step 3

Seat the jar properly. If the jar to your Oster blender isn't properly seated, the blender will turn on, but the blade won't rotate. Remove the jar from the base and reseat it properly.

Step 4

Check the blade. Make sure the blade is properly assembled and attached to base of the jar. Make sure it isn't rusty or damaged.

Step 5

Check your seals. Make sure none of the seals on the base or the jar are cracked or worn. Also, make sure the jar itself isn't cracked. A cracked seal or jar will cause your Oster blender to leak.

Step 6

Don't overdo it. If your Oster blender has a hard time blending, you may just have too much in the jar. Ice can be especially problematic. Oster recommends only blending one to three ice cubes at a time, and adding one cup of liquid for every three ice cubes. Adding any more can cause your blender to jam.

Step 7

Contact Oster. If you need further assistance, contact Oster customer service at (800) 334-0759 or at Oster's website.