In 1946, the John Oster Manufacturing Co. purchased Stevens Electric, inventor of the liquefier blender, and introduced the Osterizer Blender. The Oster blender is a small kitchen appliance that uses rotating blades to chop, puree, blend and liquefy foods. The blender disassembles for storage and ease of cleaning. You can assemble it and have it ready for use in minutes.


Step 1

Wash the agitator blade, sealing ring, container, container bottom and lid with warm water and dish detergent before initial use. Rinse and dry before assembly.

Step 2

Turn the container upside down on a flat surface. Position the sealing ring over the opening on the bottom, and insert the agitator blade. Place the container bottom on the threads and turn it clockwise to tighten.

Step 3

Place the container in the base ring on the top of the motor base. Line up the tabs on the bottom so that it seats properly. Push down the lid on top of the container.