How to Remove a Frigidaire Oven Door

Frigidaire makes a line of freestanding and wall ovens for residential use. To replace a glass pane in the oven door or to replace the door handle, the door must be removed. Hinge lock tabs on the oven door hinges will release the hinges and allow you to extract the hinges from the front frame of the oven. A screwdriver can be used if the tabs are stubborn to move; otherwise, no tools are needed to remove the oven door.

Step 1

Open the oven door all the way.

Step 2

Pull the lock tabs out of the oven frame on each hinge. Use the screwdriver to help pry the tabs if they are stiff and resist moving with finger force. Fully seat each tab against the inner door panel.

Step 3

Grasp the door on the sides, then raise the top of the oven door to the broiler stop position. Lift the oven door and then tilt it toward you to slip the hinges out of the slots in the oven frame.

Step 4

Remove the oven door, then set it aside.