How to Remove a Frigidaire Oven Door

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Make sure to have to proper tools to remove an oven door.
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There are many reasons to remove an oven door. Whether the clunky door needs its damaged rubber gasket replaced or the window pane interior is foggy with grime, removing an oven door is a generally easy endeavor.


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Take your time, gather the proper tools and have a plan before removing a Frigidaire oven door. This will ensure that the process is safe for you and the appliance.

Prepare to Remove an Oven Door

Before you remove the Frigidaire oven door, make sure the appliance is unplugged. Gather a flat head screwdriver, cleaning supplies and padding.

The Frigidaire oven door may seem durable, but it can break. When working on the opened oven door, don't lean heavily on the sides or middle glass panes. This can cause the appliance to tip or the door to bend down and damage the hinges or other moving parts, so make sure you have plenty of room to work.


The Frigidaire instructions found on Manuals Library recommends that the door be laid flat once it's removed. Place it on a comforter or other thick, padded surface with the inside of the door facing down.

Remove a Frigidaire Oven Door

Clean the area around the oven door where it meets the main frame and vacuum up any crumbs. A clean work area allows you to locate small screws easily and can cut down on slippage. Open the door to the full horizontal position to access the hinges easily with a screwdriver.


Locate the lock on both of the hinge supports on either side of the door. Pull up the lock until they are fully over the oven door hooks. This may require a bit of gentle downward pressure.

Grasp the oven door on either side of the top near the handle. Pull the oven door up and slightly toward you to remove it from the hinge supports at the bottom of the fixture. Rotate the top of the door toward the range as you pull toward you to release it from the hinge levers.

Cleaning the Oven Door

Cleaning a Frigidaire oven door glass doesn't have to be a pain. Look for holes or slits along the bottom of the oven door. Slip a thin cleaning wipe into the small opening and wipe the glass panes. Another good tool is a narrow, soft nylon brush often used for cleaning metal straws. For stubborn grease stains, Bob Vila recommends using a razor to remove these baked-on globs.


Replacing the Frigidaire Oven Door

If the oven door's glass panes are cracked or the door won't close flush with the appliance's frame after repairing the gasket, it may be time to replace the entire piece. A Frigidaire oven door replacement can be ordered from the manufacturer or through a home improvement store.

If you're not sure about working with the heavy and awkward oven door, it may be time to call a professional. A repair person can remove and install a new oven door and gasket or remove, clean and replace the glass panes of the appliance.



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