Removing a Dacor Oven Door

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Repairing an oven door can help make sure that your oven is working at maximum efficiency.
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The oven door swings open to reveal delectable dishes perfectly baked or roasted within the appliance. However, if the door tilts when it's closed, removing and repairing the oven's operative fa├žade can return it to its well-working condition.


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Oven doors should also be removed for a deep cleaning if they've become an eyesore due to liquids that have seeped between the dual glass panes or other grimy buildup.

Removing the hinged apparatus requires some knowledge of the placement of parts and safety precautions.


Tips on Removing the Door

The instruction manual on Manuals Library recommends that the hinge catches not be disengaged once the door is removed from the oven. The hinge springs can possibly release and cause injury to fingers and limbs.

Once the door is off the main frame of the appliance, don't attempt to lift it by its handle. This can cause the door to swing and is an unwieldy way to move the heavy piece. The handle on the door of the oven is only intended to be used when the door is firmly attached to the appliance's frame.


Have a blanket or soft surface prepared to rest the heavy oven door upon. To be completely safe, always unplug electrical appliances when removing parts. Wear nonslip gloves and grasp the door on either side to lift it from the main frame of the oven.

Dacor Oven Door Removal

To begin a Dacor oven door removal, make sure the oven is cooled and unplugged. Open the door to its fully extended position and rotate the catch that's located over the retaining arm on each hinge. Lift the oven door to just about a 15-degree angle from its vertical position when fully opened.


Use nonslip gloves to hold the loosened door with both hands just below the exterior handle on either side of the door. Having a second person to lift from this sometimes-awkward position can be helpful and safer. Pull the oven door away from the frame with an upward-lifting motion.

Place the door on a cushioned surface so the exterior doesn't get scratched or damaged and the glass pane is protected. Work on or clean the oven door and interior of the oven thoroughly and allow it to dry before returning the fixture to the appliance's frame. If a Dacor oven door replacement is required, it may be time to call a professional.


Cleaning an Oven Door

Cleaning between the glass panes of the oven door can be a pain. Once the oven door is off the main frame, it's easier to access the thin area between the glass panes. If the glass on the oven door is cracked, you may need to hire a professional to replace it to keep the door in good working condition.


The Washington Post recommends slipping a thin cleaning wand into the openings along the bottom of the door and attempting to clean the glass. You can make your own with a wire coat hanger and a wet wipe. Make sure to secure the wet wipe so it doesn't end up stuck between the oven door's glass panes.

Clean the door gasket with warm sudsy water. Be careful not to scrub too hard or use abrasive cleaners on the gasket as this can damage the material. If the gasket is disturbed during cleaning, the oven door may not close properly.


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