How to Remove a GE Oven Door

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You might need to remove your oven door in order to fix it.
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With every swing to reveal the delectable dishes within, the oven door gets a workout. After a lot of use, the oven door can have some issues with closing properly or need repairs or cleaning.


If the GE oven door is not closing all the way, it could be due to a few things that are relatively easy and affordable to fix. A quick glance can give you a good idea if you need a GE oven door removal or if it simply needs to be adjusted.

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Before Working on an Oven

Put the proper precautions in place before you begin for a successful and safe oven door adjustment or removal process. Unplug the power supply to the oven before you begin. For gas models, the gas needs to be shut off, as well, before starting the removal or repair.


The oven door is heavy, so having a second person to handle the unwieldy door is a good idea. If repairing the door, have a padded place for the oven door to land before you begin to remove it from its hinges and main frame. This can ensure it doesn't get damaged as it's worked on or in transit from the appliance to the workspace.

Oven Door Hinges and Springs

Pull the oven door open and check the hinges for clumps of grease and food. Clean the hinges well and check that the latches are in good working order.


Appliance Repair suggests that if the hinges are in good condition, it could be the door springs that need to be replaced. Remove the bottom drawer to locate the springs that are between the oven and door. To replace, use pliers to open the ends that are near the bolts in order to check which bolt each spring is connected to.

Replace the broken springs with identical ones. Tighten all of the connections before closing the bottom drawer.


GE Oven Door Removal

There are many reasons that you may need to remove the oven door, from cleaning to a full replacement of the fixture or glass panes. The GE oven door removal process isn't terribly difficult if the proper steps and methods are taken to lift it off the frame.


Move the oven door to the fully open position. Locate the hinges on either side of the door and flip the latch up. Put the oven door in the ajar position and gently pull up by grasping either side. GE Appliances notes that if the oven door won't lift up from the hinges, there may be two Phillips head screws on the inside of the door nearest to the hinges.

Cleaning GE Oven Door Panes

Cleaning the GE oven door glass can be difficult. The oven door may need to be removed in order to get to any grime or spills that have found their way between the panes of glass on the exterior and interior of the appliance.


Once the oven door has been safely removed, you can run a narrow nylon scrub brush used for straws or a wire wrapped in cloth to clean the panes. Fish the narrow scrub brush through the holes along the bottom of the door to remove grease and spills.

To remove the glass panes, unscrew the panels that hold the panes in place. Gently lift the interior glass pane from the door and clean both panes well. Buff dry and allow it to sit for an hour or overnight before replacing the panes.



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