Removing a Bosch Dishwasher Door

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Sometimes you need to remove a dishwasher's door to access filters, motors, broken spray arms or other mechanical parts that have malfunctioned. Removing a Bosch dishwasher door will give you access to the interior to fix or replace damaged parts. You can also remove the outer panel, which allows access to the interior, and replace it if it's scratched or dented.


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Before Working on a Dishwasher

Unplugging the dishwasher not only keeps you safe but can also keep the appliance from suffering an electrical malfunction while you're working on any sensitive mechanical parts.

Be careful once the dishwasher door is completely removed from the main frame of the appliance as it can be unwieldy and heavy. Have a designated area to place it once you remove the dishwasher door. Put down a soft layer, such as a folded comforter or blankets, to place the large appliance part on. Make sure the path to the place where you'll rest the appliance door is free from clutter or tripping hazards.


Replacing a Dishwasher Door's Outer Panel

A dishwasher door that's scratched from abrasive cleaners or the activity in a busy kitchen can look dingy and old. Replacing the outer panel can quickly bring back the beauty of a gleaming Bosch dishwasher door. After you order a replacement outer panel for the Bosch dishwasher, it's a fairly simple process to install.


Open the door and locate the screws that are positioned along the interior sides of the appliance door. This will dislodge the panel from the main frame of the dishwasher. Unscrew them and place them in a bowl so you'll have them handy once the new panel is in place. Close the door and pull the outer panel down to slide it free from the control panel. Pull the bottom corners from the frame.

According to Central Valley Appliance, the insulation from the old door will be needed because new door panels don't typically come with any. The insulation should be easy to remove and slide into the new dishwasher door panel. Tape down any gaps in the insulation sheet. Slide the new panel until it's snug against the control panel and tuck the bottom corners into place.


Removing the Dishwasher Door

Many repairs can be completed by opening the door and reaching in, although this does create an uncomfortable position to troubleshoot or finish repairs. Removing the door will allow you to gain easy access to racks, door latches, control panels, sprayers and strainers.


Remove the baskets to make working with the dishwasher easier. Depending on the model of the Bosch dishwasher, the ways to remove the door can vary. Generally, you will need to remove the fixing screws on the sides of the appliance door, according to Mr. Right.

For some models, you'll need to pull the appliance out of its nook and remove the side panels. Open the Bosch dishwasher door to its full extent and locate the hinges on either side of the bottom of the door. Unscrew the hinges from the side and gently pull the dishwasher door off the hinge on both sides.



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