Accu-Temp Digital Dual Wireless Thermometer Instructions

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The Accu-Temp Digital Dual Wireless Thermometer is based on 915 mhz technology designed to transmit information over an extended range up to 328 feet. This allows to user to know the temperature in up to three separate areas off the house as well as outside from any of the connected sensors. It features a digital character named Oscar who dresses based on the weather conditions and also shows the current humidity.


Step 1

Open the back cover on the temperature transmitter and insert the required batteries.

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Step 2

Remove the plastic battery compartment cover from the back of the weather station. After two minutes, quickly place the batteries into the receiver observing the correct polarity.


Step 3

Turn the receiver around and it will light up briefly. Next it will display the time and the "weather man." If this does not happen within around 60 seconds, remove the batteries, wait for 10 seconds and reinsert them back into the weather station.

Step 4

Place the receiver no further than a 100 meters (about 328 feet) from the transmitters in order to ensure a strong enough signal.



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