The Keurig Elite Brewing System is a single-cup beverage brewing system. Its K-cups provide you with the ability to make hot tea, coffee or cocoa, and the addition of ice to your selected beverage creates an iced drink, if you prefer. The system features Quiet-Brew technology, an energy-saving mode and a choice of an 8- or 10-oz. cup size. If your Keurig Elite system malfunctions, attempt to troubleshoot it before resorting to costly repairs or replacement.


No Power

Unplug the Keurig and replug it securely in a working electrical outlet.

Check the circuit breaker or fuse box inside your home. Reset any tripped circuits, or replace any blown fuses.

Press the Keurig's power button and watch to be sure the power light illuminates. If the light does not come on, there is a problem with your home's electrical system or the machine's internal electrical components.

System Brews Incomplete Cups

Unclog the exit needle, if necessary. Take out the K-cup holder assembly and remove the funnel. Poke a straightened paper clip into the needle to remove any clogs. Replace the funnel, and then replace the holder assembly in the Keurig system.

Wash the K-cup holder assembly. Remove it from the brewing system, place it on the top shelf in your dishwasher and wash on the lowest temperature cycle. Alternatively, wash in warm, soapy water and rinse with clean water. Replace the holder assembly in the brewing system once it is clean.

Remove the water reservoir and refill with clean water. Place it back into proper position and brew a cupful of hot water, eliminating the use of a K-cup, to ensure the water system works as it should.

Descale the Keurig Elite brewing system if a red light is present next to the "De-Scale" warning.

System Does Not Brew

Press the handle on the system down tightly once you've put a K-cup into the holder. The lights behind the brew buttons should flash blue to indicate the system is working properly to this point.

Look at the "Add Water" indicator on the control center. Add water to the reservoir if a blue light is shining next to the indicator, then place it back in position.

Press the desired cup size to start brewing a beverage. Contact customer service if the system does not brew or if the blue "Add Water" light is still illuminated.

De-scaling the Brewing System

Remove the water reservoir, empty any water and refill with undiluted white vinegar. Replace the water reservoir, and do not add a K-cup to the system.

Set a large coffee cup onto the drip tray plate. Push the button to brew a large cup of coffee, essentially running a vinegar-only cycle.

Dump the hot vinegar into the sink, and repeat the process three times. Allow the brewing system to stay on for four hours after descaling.

Rinse vinegar from the system after the four-hour period has elapsed. Remove the water reservoir and fill with fresh water.

Set a large coffee cup onto the drip tray plate and push the button to brew a large cup of coffee, without adding a K-cup. This will run hot water only through the system.

Pour the hot water out of the coffee cup, and repeat the water-only brewing process until the reservoir is empty.