How to Troubleshoot a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach coffee makers differ in functions and features depending on the specific model. Many of the basic features of each model are the same. When problems occur, the first step that should be taken is to diagnose possible causes of the issue. Once the reason for a problem has been established, complete the troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem. The most common issues that affect Hamilton Beach coffee makers can be remedied during the troubleshooting process.

Using too many coffee grounds can result in overflows from the basket.

Step 1

Clean the dispenser if it leaks coffee. The leak could be caused by coffee grounds becoming trapped in the dispensing mechanism. Remove the water filter. Fill the water reservoir with vinegar. Turn the coffee maker on. Turn the unit off after 20 seconds. Allow the coffee maker to stand for 30 minutes. Turn the coffee maker on for another 20 seconds and turn it off. Dispense several cups through the dispenser. Empty the reservoir and rinse it thoroughly with clean water. Run three more brew cycles with clean water to remove all traces of vinegar and any other foreign material.

Step 2

Use filtered or bottled water if coffee tastes bad. Poor water quality can affect the flavor of coffee. Try using more or less water to adjust the flavor of the coffee to personal taste.

Step 3

Make sure the water reservoir is full if the coffee stops brewing. The unit will not function if it does not have water in the reservoir.

Step 4

Make sure the proper amount of coffee grounds are being used if coffee flows over the basket. Excessive grounds can cause overflows. Only add grounds up to the fill line in the coffee grounds basket.

Step 5

Make sure there is only one paper filter in the basket and the filter is the right size. Using improperly sized filters or more than one filter can cause the coffee basket to overflow.

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